How To Honeymoon in 2021


Many newly wed couples with their weddings in 2020 were eagerly looking forward to a romantic getaway at some exotic destination. Most people love fantasizing about spending quality time with their new spouse in Santorini, or in Cappadocia. A popular tropical choice is often Hawaii or Bali. But with the global pandemic still being rampant (even with the threat of mutated forms!) it seems like a love-filled vacation might not be on the horizon. 

After all, an instagram-inspired honeymoon can wait! You have your whole lives to go on multiple holidays across the globe, and it’s a good idea to not endanger yourselves and your loved ones. But just because travelling all across the world isn’t possible doesn’t mean you have to entirely sacrifice on a honeymoon. This time is really about having some alone time to celebrate being husband and wife before you have to get back into the craziness of every day routine. 

But what does a honeymoon look like in 2021? The unique circumstances have brought about the emergence of two new terms for honeymoons in 2021. The first is called minimoons, which refers to a short vacation spent in a location close to your homes. The second one is called latermoons, which as you might have guessed, is when you postpone your honeymoon to a later time. Think you and your partner might be forced to choose between either? We don’t see why you can’t have both! 

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We propose that you go on a minimoon, an inexpensive local special trip so you don’t miss out on the traditional break, even if its just for a weekend. You’ll be glad you saved on the extra cash! Then, once restrictions on travel are lifted, you can splurge on the ‘latermoon’ of your dreams — a postponed honeymoon! You get the best of both worlds, and two holidays in one.

Ideas for your Honeymoon: 

Focus on having an intimate and special experience for your minimoon! You might have way more fun than you expect on this local and spontaneous trip. There are a lot of pressures that come with travelling abroad to an expensive and exotic location — namely the expectation that comes with the reputation that preceeds it! You can feel free of the burden to have the ‘Best Honeymoon Ever’ as you take it easy!

Head to locations in a drivable distance

Air travel has become increasingly dangerous. It’s a much better idea to go on a road trip to a drivable location. So spend some time searching for a romantic location that’s just a small roadtrip away! Try to keep an eye out for scenic hill stations, waterfalls, historical landmarks, lakes, or even a forest adventure package. You’d be surprised at the tourism options in your own state!

Plus, we all know how much fun a roadtrip is. Packed with minimal essentials, its you, your partner and the road as you cruise along, blaring the speakers with your favorite music. What’s not to love? 

There’s always the uncertainty of travelling to a new country where you don’t understand the local traditions and have to be wary of scams and pickpocketters. You’ll feel so much more at home in your own state (or the neigbouring one)  

AirBnb and Rental Properties

Don’t underestimate the luxury of staying in a rental villa! There are some beautiful properties listed on Airbnb near you, it could be a stunning treehouse in the forest, or a luxury resort with your own personal swimming pool. Explore the natural habitat of the state you live in — if you’re lucky to live in a coastal state, you can be absolutely sure that there are some luxury resorts on the beach that will make you forget that you’re not in an exotic island! 

They also tend to be much more affordable, once you subtract the flight ticket costs, It’s also delightful to stay in a resort where you have nothing to do but laze around with your husband/wife and the staff takes care of you with delicious food. 

1 Page Itineraries

Let’s face it: we think we look forward to the process of writing itineraries, but it’s actually a stressful process to include everything you want to see into the to-do’s for the trip. If you’re travelling to Italy, you won’t want to simply see one tourist destination — but you’ll feel compelled to visit the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, the Trevi Fountain and more. It becomes less about what you want to do, and more about what you simply have to do since you’re travelling all the way. 

Your itineraries will be a delightful one page entity for your honeymoon in 2021, with just a few must-do items on it, ones that you and your partner genuinely enjoy doing!

Happy Honeymooning!