Wedding Tour 2012, the first sponsored honeymoon, redefines what we need to travel

Travel requires money, in larger and smaller amounts. But it does take money for one to see the places they want to, indulge in the cultures that spike their interest, relish in new experiences. Or does it? A new project, The Wedding Tour 2012, self-proclaimed the world’s first sponsored honeymoon, shows travelers that they can replace money with influence. In the end travel brands need visibility to gain more visitors, so giving them a powerful outlet for their marketing efforts translates into a great way to pay for your travels.

Wedding Tour 2012, scheduled to be launched on July 23rd, 2012, is the brain child of Andrea Petroni, the owner and developer of After creating a travel website that was ranked the third most influential in Italy, Andrea came with a deal for hotels, restaurants, sightseeing and tours resellers, and other tourist attractions along the path of his dream honeymoon: they provide the services for free in exchange for visibility on the honeymoon site. Simply brilliant!

As Andrea points out, this is an initiative designed to help travelers and travel companies alike to survive the economic crisis. In a time where money is low on both travelers’ side and in what tourism industry marketing budgets are concerned, such an exchange is not only smart, but also mutually beneficial.

The sponsored honeymoon will be carefully recorded, in video, text and photos, which will all be posted on the project site. After the wedding of July 21st, which will take place in Rome, the couple will start their journey two days later and explore California, Arizona, Nevada, New York, and Antigua. There are already several partners that took their challenge and joined the sponsored honeymoon in exchange for visibility on Andrea’s websites, the social media profiles associated with the Wedding Tour 2012, and by other magazines and shows, online and off, talking about this smart project.

The Travel Tweaks team wishes the honeymooners to enjoy every second of their dream vacation!

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