How long does it take from Jakarta to Bali by train? |

This question could be asked in many different ways: by air, sea, or by train. That’s why I’ve decided to ask you a more personal question instead… When are you going on your next trip? What will the travel strategy be like and how long until the destination?

How long does it take from Jakarta to Bali by train? |

The distance from Jakarta to Bali by plane is about 2,000 kilometers. The train journey takes about 18 hours and the cost of the ticket is about $2,200.

However, I highly suggest using the Parahyangan Express from Jakarta’s Gambir station to Bandung. It takes three hours, the single class (executif) is spacious, and the view is breathtaking. For the finest views, seat on the right hand side of the train.

Then there’s the matter of how to travel from Jakarta to Bali.

While it is feasible to get from Jakarta to Bali via a mix of buses, trains, and ferries, the trip takes around 24 hours. Traveling by air is the quickest and least strenuous method to get to Bali. The route is served by a number of airlines and takes little over an hour to fly.

The issue then becomes, how far is Surabaya from Bali? 284 kilometers

As a result, what is the distance between Jakarta and Bali?

592 miles

What is the cost of a train ticket from Jakarta to Yogyakarta?

The ‘Argo Dwipangga’ express train travels from Jakarta Gambir to Yogyakarta. It cost roughly $22 in rupiah (283,000 rupiah).

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Is it worthwhile to go to Jakarta?

Jakarta has improved significantly over the years and is no longer as awful as it once was. Nonetheless, it is a large city with few significant attractions. If things keep going the way they are, Jakarta may become a destination worth visiting before long!

Is Jakarta a safe city?

Jakarta is a safe city in general. It is placed 103rd on the list of the safest and most dangerous cities, with a rating of 54.1 percent.

When is the best time to visit Bali?

The dry season in Bali, which runs from April to October, is the greatest time to visit. There are only two seasons in Bali: rainy season and dry season. The daytime temperatures remain consistent throughout the year, ranging from the mid-80s to the low-90s, with only the humidity and precipitation patterns shifting.

Is it simple to go about Indonesia?

However, if you want to visit more of the world’s biggest island, Indonesia’s extensive transportation network — which includes aircraft, trains, vehicles, and a variety of two- and four-wheeled local transit — makes it simple to get about.

What is the most convenient method to get to Bali?

For most cruise lines traveling through Southeast Asia, Bali is a popular stopover. Take a flight to Singapore, Sumatra, or Java, then board a ship for the rest of your voyage to Bali. The airport’s information desks will provide you with detailed instructions.

Is Bali a safe place to visit?

Yes, even as a female visitor, it is safe to travel alone in Bali. It is fairly normal for visitors to go about the island alone. Take the same precautions as you would in Australia and be cautious when it comes to your personal safety.

Who flies straight from the United States to Bali?

Denpasar has just one airport: Bali International Airport (Denpasar). Direct flights to Bali are available from Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, KLM, Batik Air, Qantas, SilkAir, AirAsia X, and Cebu Pacific (Denpasar).

In Bali, where should I land?

Airports & Airlines

  • The sole airport in Bali is Ngurah Rai International Airport (, which is located just south of Kuta.
  • Jakarta is served by Air Asia (, as well as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, India, and Australia.
  • Direct flights to Hong Kong and Sydney are available via American Airlines (

In Jakarta, how many airports are there?

There are two airports.

In Bali, where should I stay?


  • The greatest area to stay in Bali and go across the island is Ubud.
  • One of the most popular places to stay in Bali is Kuta and Legian.
  • Seminyak is the greatest area to stay in on the island of Bali.
  • One of the nicest locations to stay in Bali is Canggu.
  • Jimbaran is home to some of Bali’s finest hotels.

What nation is Bali located in?


What is the distance between Indonesia and Bali?

The entire distance between Bali and Indonesia in a straight line is 858 kilometers and 400 meters. The distance between Bali and Indonesia in miles is 533.4 miles.

What is the distance between Jakarta and Denpasar?

Denpasar and Jakarta are separated by 962 kilometers (598 miles). The distance between Denpasar and Jakarta is 1180 kilometers by car (733 miles).

What is the best way to go from Banyuwangi to Bali?

From Banyuwangi to Kuta Bali, the TOURIST WAY

  1. Purchase a ferry ticket at the ticket desk. Every hour, ferries depart.
  2. Take the boat to your destination.
  3. After arriving at the terminal, purchase a bus ticket to Bali.
  4. In Bali, take the bus.
  5. Take a break when you get at your destination.

What is the best way to go from Surabaya to Bali?

Because Surabaya and Bali are two independent islands, there is no railway from Surabaya to Bali. If you insist on traveling by land, take an interstate bus. At the port of Ketapang, you will board a ferry to traverse the Bali Strait.

What is the location of Surabaya with respect to Bali?

The geographic midpoint between Bali and Surabaya lies at a distance of 92.40 miles (148.70 kilometers) with a bearing of 294.65 degrees. It is situated in East Java, Indonesia (Indonesia, Jawa Timur).

What is the distance between Surabaya and Yogyakarta?

168 miles