How to Have the Best Safari Experience

Going on a safari is a fascinating holiday adventure like no other. Discovering new regions of the world, all the while getting to see some of the incredible wildlife on the savannahs, plains and jungles, this kind of break gives the truest feeling of adventure of any holiday. Almost anything can happen on a safari and your unique experience can never be recreated, which is why being prepared for anything is the best way to ensure you have the most fulfilling experience possible. Here are some top tips for having the best safari experience:


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Where to go on Safari

Choosing the location of your safari will be the biggest decision you make when planning your trip, as every different location will bring with it different landscapes and different wildlife. Arguably the most popular destination for safari-based holidays is Africa, but if lions and elephants aren’t your scene, the jungles of India and the Australian outback are other alternatives that provide just as much adventure; luckily, Wexas offer luxury holidays to all these destinations, providing a true connection to the free roaming nature.

Snap your Adventure

As with any holiday, you are going to want to take pictures of the amazing panoramas and animals that you will discover, so taking a suitable camera with a sufficient amount of memory and anti-shock capabilities (in order to handle the bumpy roads you will no doubt encounter) is an absolute must. Compact cameras such as Canon Powershot are a fantastic choice when deciding what type of camera to bring on your trip; lightweight and robust with a long battery life, they are perfect for capturing a safari adventure.


Bringing extra cash is always a sensible when preparing big-scale holiday such as a safari; though it’s always advisable to check whether your tour operator has any hidden costs, there will always be little extras you will want to pick up on the road. Depending on where you decide to take your trip, it’s likely that Visa cards will be accepted in the area; however, it is always advisable to have cash as a back-up in case something unexpected happens.

Plan a Safari Itinerary

Most holiday-goers like to have a skeleton plan of activities for their trip; however with safari-based holidays this is slightly different. Safaris tend to be built up of carefully planned itineraries due to the scale of the trip and the number of things to see and do, so organising exactly where you are scheduled to be going and when on your adventure is the best starting point for planning your own activities.

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