How to Get the Best Deals While Booking International Flights


When you think about traveling abroad, the first thought usually is the cost of everything. It can get really expensive when you decide to go to a place with a stronger economy than yours. International travel can be expensive, and finding an affordable flight can be a headache.

Saving money in all the ways you can is important if you want to enjoy the journey without going broke. From my frugal ways and hours of research on how to save money, I have stumbled upon some common tips for booking cheap flights for international travels.

Here are the best strategies to save money on international flights.

1. Be the Early Bird – Book Tickets Way Before in Advance

Unlike domestic flights, the chances of international flights getting rescheduled or canceled is less. There’s a lot riding on it for the airline as well, so they are usually reliable. It makes sense to book your ticket well in advance.

It is recommended to book an international ticket at least three months before the date of departure to get better deals and having a place secured on the plane. No last-minute heavy prices and unfavorable seats.

2. Compare Prices – Choose Budget Airlines

Budget airlines include newer companies with newer more advanced planes. The new aeroplanes consume less fuel and have a low maintenance cost. Moreover, budget airlines also hire fewer people. The meal and liquor cost is not included in the ticket. So, all things considered the tickets are provided cheaper comparatively.

That also means that there are more chances of you being charged add ons, so be wary of that because you wouldn’t want extra charges to add up at the end of your journey.

3. Hope Around – Book Connecting Flights

I always prefered connecting flights because I love traveling on flights and connecting flights mean more time in the planes and a chance to explore many airports. Connecting flights can be a blessing for backpackers and travelers alike. Later on, though, they are a nuisance for people traveling for business or work.

Another advantage is that connecting flights are also cheaper so if you want to save money on international flights, try to book a connecting flight instead of a direct one. You might have to wait a couple of hours and change flights but hey, it can save you a few hundred bucks and you also get to explore airports.

Final Thoughts

Being vigilant about your planning is the first thing to do. International trips that are a spur of the moment thing are bound to cost you a lot. If you start planning well in advance, then it is easier to find deals to save money.

One thing that I have learned is that, by understanding how airline companies set their fares, you can pick the right date and time to book your international flight ticket and save a ton of money. Some airlines have some days of the week when the tickets are cheaper. If you are a frequent flier then you can cash in on your air miles. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the airline flash sales when the tickets go up for cheap. Honestly, if you are even a bit adventurous, you can buy a ticket to someplace that is on a flash sale and plan a trip around it. Imagine the adventure!

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