How Roulette Works In An Online Casino


Everyone who has ever been to a casino or gambling house has probably seen roulette there. RedDog online casino roulette is considered one of the most popular in the world and is one of the three mandatory attributes of any gambling establishment. But if the principles of real roulette are clear to everyone, then many players often have questions about the system that controls its online version.

After all, in a virtual casino, there is no croupier, balls running on the drum, and bearings that limit its course. Therefore, the question arises: How does online roulette give the result, and on what is it based?

In fact, the fundamental principle of virtual roulette is the same as the usual, traditional. This is the issuance of random numbers. Only the software uses a system known to mathematicians and programmers as a Random Number Generator. This device, in response to a certain request, gives out any number from the set spectrum. The process of number generation does not depend on the time of day, previous results, or any other factors.

What Types Of Online Roulette Are Popular Among Players

Throughout the existence of roulette, there have been many iterations of it. Many modifications have come about due to the constant adaptation of the rules to suit the preferences and inclinations of players from different regions of the world. Casinos, driven by the desire to entice customers, have ingeniously come up with new versions of this exciting game of chance in an effort to provide an exclusive experience. Nowadays, online gambling establishments compete fiercely to provide a wide range of roulette variations, ensuring that its enduring appeal remains untarnished.

Online versions of American roulette and other variations bring much-needed variety to the traditional gameplay, enhancing the excitement factor.

Online roulette follows traditional rules, predominantly European style. However, instead of a human croupier, all the necessary actions are managed by a program. This includes managing bets, initiating wheel spin, and starting the ball rolling. Players see the usual betting field on their screens, consisting of numbers in black and red. Once the bets are placed, the software smoothly starts the draw. The result will be known as soon as the ball stops in the designated slot.

Gamblers are able to bet on various outcomes such as colors, even or odd numbers, single numbers, or numbers falling within certain ranges.

European Roulette

European roulette is the most common in European online casinos. There are 37 cells on the game wheel – numbers 1-36, plus an additional single zero sector. This version of the game is best for beginners, as it has classic rules and the highest payout percentage.

This means that the casino has a much smaller advantage, and players can win much more often. This version is very popular in European and Asian online casinos. European roulette does not have any additional rules. It is a real classic that helps beginners to learn the rules and basic nuances of roulette.

American Roulette

The American version is virtually no different from the European version. The difference lies in the additional cell with double zero. It increases the advantage of the casino, so it is harder to win in it compared to its European analog. It developed separately from the European version and is still very popular in the Americas. You can find American roulette on almost any online casino site. However, it is better for beginners not to play it, as it does not give any advantages compared to the European game.


The effect of the extra zero is considered positive only for online casinos. A simple calculation shows that a casino has an RTP of 2.7% for betting on a single number with a wheel that has one zero cell on it. However, two zeros on a roulette wheel increase this figure to 5.26%. This is a significant difference that also applies to other types of bets. This is the main reason why roulette, in general, is not as popular in Europe.

French Roulette

Many players consider French roulette to be the queen of all casino games, not just roulette. No wonder, as this original game is indeed one of the oldest table games. French roulette has a different table layout, but it uses a European wheel.

Each player must place their chips on the table, depending on how they want to bet. Players can choose between red and black, even and odd, and numbers range from 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. The croupier is the person in charge as he announces that bets are closed and operates the wheel.

Once the game ball stops in a cell, the dealer announces the winning number. Many players favor this game because of the optional En Prison rule, which gives players a second chance to win money on outside bets if the ball hits zero. There is also the La Partage rule, which gives a chance to recover some of the money lost when the zero hits.

Unusual Types Of Roulette

Today, online casinos offer a lot of interesting roulette games with non-standard rules. It is worth mentioning some of them:

  • Multi-Wheel Roulette – allows the player to bet simultaneously on eight wheels;
  • Jackpot Roulette – a game of traditional format with the addition of a bonus round to draw a big prize;
  • Mini-Wheel – a compressed version of roulette with 12 numbers and zeros;
  • Zero Lounge – roulette with no inbuilt casino advantage;
  • Roulette with two balls – two balls are used in the drawing, which increases the chance of winning; it is enough that one of them falls on the right field.

Online casinos are a great opportunity to diversify your gambling experience by playing classic and non-standard versions of roulette, both for real money and completely free.

Roulette n Online Casinos – Strategies For Winning

Among slot machines, roulette online – is the only simulator that allows you to try and pick the most attractive tactics that promise more chances to win at lower monetary risks. All strategies are based on a symbiosis of mathematics and psychology. Their successful application requires restraint and knowledge.

Tactics have been relentlessly developed since the advent of the roulette wheel. The most popular of them are:

  • Martingale – doubling the bet in case of a loss and returning to the original amount when the desired result is achieved.
  • D’Alamber – calculation of the average bet. If you win, you reduce its amount. When losing – increase.
  • Parlay is a game with a constant bet. At first, the sum of the acceptable loss and the desired winnings is determined. Reaching one of the set values means the termination of the game session.

In an effort to maximize efficiency, online casino visitors often mix several of these strategies. For example, play for doubling, having clearly defined goals, and limited risk limits. However, do not forget that the success of launching slot machines, slots, and roulette is determined by the GSC, and no tactic is a guarantee of 100% victory.

The main core of any winning strategy is strict adherence to the rules of financial security:

  • You should not make a slot machine Russian roulette online, putting too large sums in the expectation of luck and huge winnings.
  • Do not play and drink alcoholic beverages – you need to be clearly aware of each committed act.
  • Every time you go to an online casino to play, determine the amount of desired winnings and acceptable losses.
  • When a losing streak occurs, take a break.

Roulette obeys the laws of probability. A positive or negative outcome is the result of a player’s skill, intuition, and luck.