Florida Tourism Gets 30 Million USD Marketing Funds from BP

Florida Tourism Gets 30 Million USD Marketing Funds from BP

After losing most of their tourism business last year, the effort to support tourism in Florida and its Panhandle beaches has just gotten a new boost of 30 million US dollars marketing grant from BP. The announcement was made earlier today by Governor Rick Scott at a press conference, in the company of BP officials and local tourism leaders.

Florida Tourism Gets 30 Million USD Marketing Funds from BPPhoto source

Since the oil spill, the largest in history, affecting the Gulf of Mexico, BP has payed about 82 million US dollars to Florida, money invested in tourism and commercial seafood testing. The company responsible for the disaster causing all this problems in the first place has already makde paments to Mississippi (18 million USD) and to Alabama (22 million). Louisiana also received 5 million, a first of six due BP payments, amounting to 30 million US dollars.

“I thank BP for stepping up, especially at this time, because it’s terribly important that we get the tourist season up and going,” Governor Scott said.

The Panhandle beach region in Florida is bound to hit peak season in the fast approaching summer months, so the funds for a quickly deployed marketing campaign are well received. The grant will be divided between seven Panhandle counties affected by the spill, the division and usage of funds being run by the Northwest Florida Tourism Council. To receive part of the funds, the counties need to have developed marketing plans approved by the regional council.

“We have seen the plans and have great confidence that they will result in great help to the tourism industry there,” said Luke Keller, BP’s senior vice president in charge of Gulf restoration efforts.