Find Out Why Millions of Tourists Visit Doha Every Year


Enlisted as one of the fastest growing city of Qatar, Doha has become a popular attraction for tourists in the recent years. The small gas and oil-rich nation has also become the richest country and broke the world record of Luxemburg in terms of the highest per capita Gross Domestic Product.  Moreover, emerging art scene and cultural attractions, architectural excellence, developing infrastructure of the desert metropolis makes it a perfect destination for the tourists and if you are thinking about a foreign family trip within your budget, Doha will be the perfect destination to enjoy the charm of the Middle East.

Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Doha is recognized as the financial hub of Qatar and the city is considered as a world city for its modern facilities and high lifestyle. Starting from five-star hotels, restaurants, cafes and shopping malls, one can also find historic landmarks and mosques that make it a dream destination for the travelers. In case you are wondering why millions of tourists visit this place, here are some key reasons.   

A Paradise for the Shoppers

Qatar is considered to be the richest nation on this planet and travelers can get an opportunity to explore the mammoth malls. Shopping in Doha is a dream for many and one can find top designers’ stores like H&M, Zara and New Look here. If you are thinking about beating the heat during your trip, you can visit the air-conditioned shopping malls to get relief. The Venetian themed shopping mall is another popular tourist attraction in Doha and travelers must not miss an opportunity to sail the indoor canal there. The city also features Olympic sized skating rink and the theme park where you can spend some quality time.     

Art and Culture

Doha has become a leading hub of tourism in the recent years and one of the primary reasons behind it is the emerging art scene. The Qatar authorities have already set a benchmark to turn the desert city into a hub of Islamic art, books and artifacts with the aim to let the world know of its culture, capabilities and traditions. Landmark museum is one of the most popular places for the tourists and one can learn a lot of things about the rich culture and history. The fire station also features a unique Garage Gallery where travelers can witness stunning works by various artists. Travelers, who love art and culture will feel like home in Doha and if you are an art lover, this is a must visit place for you.

Photographer’s Heaven

The developing country has shown its excellence in economy, engineering and art and the geographical location, marvelous landscapes, picturesque beaches, skyscrapers and the glittering skyline of Doha make it a heaven for the photographers. Shangri-La helipad is very popular among the photography community for capturing some stunning architectural photography or the surreal skyline of the city. Apart from the skyscrapers, there are picturesque mosques, Katara cultural village, Qatar world trade centre and Doha tower that are very popular among the tourists and photographers.

Best Hotels

Travelers can get plenty of options for a stay starting from five-star hotels and super luxurious hotels that will make you speechless. There’s a hotel named Royal Villa that features a blue marbled washroom veined with 18 karat gold. The hotel also features other modern facilities for the travelers and one can get private beach along with necessary services. The emerging tourism offers a different type of accommodation based on personal requirements and one can experience Middle Eastern hospitality at the hotels.

Manmade Island

Doha’s manmade island is a wonder of man’s creativity and capability and travelers can witness the mega-rich man-made island that acquires 400 hectares of land.  It comprises five-star hotels, restaurants, beach villas and other modern facilities that make it a dream destination in the Middle East. One can get stunning glimpses of the sunset from here and travelers can take a break at the cafes. The cafes are affordable and travelers don’t have to think about the bank balance for buying a cup of coffee.

Ideal for a Family Trip

Doha has a lot of things to offer a traveler and therefore millions of people visit Doha every year. There are hundreds of activities for the tourists and if you are planning a family trip, Doha will be the best option for you. Starting from themed parks you can find kids’ water park and there are other festivals that are ideal for a family vacation. The city also features various activities for adults and the place is very family friendly. In case you are thinking about a trip to Doha, now you can get lucrative discounts on airfare and you shouldn’t miss a chance of visiting this place.

Nature at Its Best

The Inland Sea of Khor Al Adaid is another popular tourist attraction of Doha and if you want to experience the adrenaline rush, go for dune bashing on the golden sand. The place is a wonder of nature where one can see the ocean meets the desert at the Arabian Gulf. One can also explore the mangroves to understand the variety of flora and fauna. If you are a nature lover, the city has a lot of stories for you and you shouldn’t miss it. These are some of the key reasons to visit Doha and we hope readers have got an idea on the same. 

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