Casino Design and Themes Around the World

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From Old to New

We can find many casino styles and themes around the world. The way casinos are build is with the intention to spark an interest and stimulate a person’s curiosity. Their decor strives to create the ultimate environment for visitors to have a good time. Over the years the design principles of 50 free spins no deposit 2023 casinos have changed. In the past, the interior of a typical casino used to be dark, smoky with lots of neon lights for decoration.

Modern casinos take a different approach to interior decor. The interior has to communicate a sense of relaxation and awareness but also to stimulate a person’s senses: from smell and sound to the way they view and interact with the space in which they find themselves in. Elements such as: decor, light, color and smell play an important role in determining a person’s state of mind.

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Design Theme

The best examples of grand casino resorts can be found in Las Vegas and Macau. Caesar’s Palace in Las vegas is one of the best examples of grand casino design. The exterior of the building has a greco-roman theme and can spark an interest in almost anybody. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is another casino found in Las Vegas which has elements borrowed from venetian architecture. The Grand Lisboa in Macau is one of the most well known casinos in the world. Its architecture is meant to reproduce the spreading petals of a lotus flower and is able to be seen from any part of the city. Another casino that really stands out would be the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore which is located in the middle of a shopping mall. The theme of the building was inspired by card decks. The most well known feature of this resort would be the the sky park on the top of the three buildings linking them together.

Porting Design to Virtual Space.

Many of the design attributes of a land based casino are also applied to virtual casinos. An online casino design has the same importance as a land based casino. Many of them have different themes in order to appeal to different kinds of players. Newer online casino games tend to favor the mobile industry. Because smartphones are becoming more powerful and affordable to most people, online casino brands are able to reach a wider audience. They are able to release better performing games with more attractive graphics and here is were the design and theme of the game comes into play. An example of a theme that can be found in online casinos are slots like Book of Ra. This has an Indiana Jones theme mixed together with ancient egyptian elements.

Like each land based casino is able to differentiate themselves from each other through architectural design, so do virtual gaming casinos differ from each other through their graphical design. For virtual casinos, creators don’t have to develop a comfortable and relaxing place for player. That problem is already solved by the fact that players already find themselves in a comfortable place. That place being their home or any other place with access to the internet in which they can relax.

Final Thoughts

For travelers looking for a sneak peak into the life of excess and glamour, casinos are the best place for that. Even if you are not planning to gamble, these resorts are an amazing sight in terms of architecture and technological achievement. On the other hand, people who prefer the comfort of their home can always choose to play a few online casino games. They can add a small piece of the excitement you would find in a real casino with just a few button presses.