Boarding uses Twitter to help find fellow travelers in airports

Boarding uses Twitter to help find fellow travelers in airports

So you are all alone in a foreign airport and all you have to do is count the floor tiles? That can only happen if you have never heard of Boarding.

Boarding is a very simple and intuitive app. It uses your Twitter account to help you meet people that are in the same predicament as you are – all alone in a forging airport.

How it works: Just post a twit followed by your airport code. For example “#boarding LHR” for London’s Heathrow. The app automatically puts you on the list of people that have done the same and then shows you that list. Send a private message to one of them and bam! No more floor tile counting!

“Your avatar will also be displayed on Only the 100 latest tweets appear on this map,” says the official website. The cool thing is that you do not need to sign up and create yet another account for this service. Your Twitter profile is all you need.

If a Twitter list is not enough, Boarding also integrates the Google Maps, so that  you can see who is where and find them fast in a crowded airport. The team at Boarding also has plans for the future:

“In a near future, Boarding will propose you coupons and tips to help you have a much nicer stay in your airport.”

It seems like they put a lot of thought into making your time spent in airports as fun as it can be. If you’re unlucky and there’s actually no Twitter user around, give the Now Boarding blog they run a try and spend a few minutes reading news and tips.