Travel Boom Leads to Plan for 45 New Airports in China

Beijing AirportBooming travel has proven impossible to handle for existing Chinese airports. That is why China is now planning to build a minimum of 45 new airports over the next five years to serve the always growing number of tourists.

In an announcement made earlier today, Li Jiaxiang, administrator of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, announced the Chinese authorities are planning on spending 1.5 trillion yen – the equivalent of 230 billion US dollars – to expand air travel capacities throughout the country.

Oddly enough, about 130 of China’s existing 175 airports reported losses in 2010, but Beijing will continue to support them to help boost local economic growth, Li explained at a press conference. He explained to the media that incomes in China’s farming areas have risen when airports have been open nearby. The reason is that fruit and vegetables produces in said areas could easily be flown to wealthier major cities.

According to Bloomberg, “China’s fast-growing air travel market is expected to pass North America as the world’s biggest in coming decades.”

The Civil Aviation Administration of China plans to increase the number of ariports to at least 220 in the next five years. Li gave no information on where the airports would be built, but said Beijing is focusing significant funds on developing poorer areas and China’s Western region, in an attempt to better connect them with booming eastern cities.

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