Best Ski Resorts in the French Alps


Travelling to western Europe and the most impressive and imposing mountain range – that of the French Alps – we face an incomparable spectacle of geomorphology. At the highest peak in France, Mont Blanc is a peak that many skiers dream of “conquering”. But apart from Mont Blanc, we have the Alpes du Nord area, with hundreds of concentrated ski resorts – more than any other place in Europe. The sites that one can choose to ski are genuinely innumerable, giving each traveller a vast range of options to choose from.

Huge, vast areas are waiting for you to explore with your snowshoes, with each ski resort being a striking addition to this overall experience called the French Alps. Each ski resort has its own identity, projecting its own atmosphere outside and attracting loyal fans every year. Every resort in the French Alps has been built to offer you a unique winter experience, offering every kind of comfort and diversion to every visitor with lots of valuable things to learn from. But let’s see which resorts really make the difference in this huge variety of alternatives.


Part of the greater Portes du Soleil, Morzine Ski Resort is the “bridge” connecting the snow-capped peaks of France and Switzerland. So you can move from one country to another on the same day, with your own snowshoes. Morzine is quite close to Geneva Airport, which makes it relatively easy for travellers to get around. Until recently, this ski resort was full of life and entertainment, with a lasting festive atmosphere throughout the winter, keeping the mood of all its visitors high.


The Avoriaz with a considerable area that extends to 650 km of ski slopes will surely manage to attract skiers’ attention everywhere. A short distance from the corresponding Morzine also belongs to ​​Portes du Soleil’s more expansive area. A ski resort that combines the element of luxury with adventure and is only accessible on foot or by ski boots. Surely during your stay at Avoriaz, you will be thrilled with the countless activities on offer. Spend a relaxing day on one of its ice rinks, play with your kids in its water park or grab your racket in the indoor squash courts – the choices are truly endless at Avoriaz. Now using the services of the company Erna Low, you can book a complete vacation package, which in addition to the choice of your accommodation includes the planning of the other dozens resort’s activities, so that you can live a comprehensive winter experience in one of the most fascinating resorts of the French Alps.


Inside the vast Vanoise National Park, Méribel stands haughtily and picturesque on the snow-capped Alps. Preserving the past’s classic architecture, with accommodations built of wood that strongly resemble chalets, they create a backdrop of hospitality and security to anyone who visits it. Inside these wooden buildings, everyone can find anything that pleases them, so that they can spend their time creatively in gyms, swimming pools, ice rinks and luxurious restaurants with dishes that honour the culinary science. We should also not forget the wide variety of ski slopes, for every skier level, who will spend most of his time in the fresh snow of the wider 3-Valley area.