Best Destination Wedding Spots all over the World

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A wedding is the most special occasion in a person’s life and one should celebrate it very cheerfully. But how about adding some excitement to the wedding? How about moving overseas for the wedding. Yes, it is true, you can fly overseas for the wedding. There are a lot of wedding destinations all around the world where you can go and celebrate your wedding the way you like. So here are some of the mesmerizing locations for the wedding from all around the world.

  • India

India is one of the best destination wedding locations. You can go to Udaipur and celebrate your perfect day there. What you would find most amazing about the country is that it is full of the royal and rich heritage. There is a royal environment and the wedding would be totally according to the Indian tradition. What is more in the box that, India is one of the cheapest locations for the destination weddings? Though you would stay in the 5 Star hotels, it wouldn’t cost you much there. Also, the country is so big that you enjoy every type of the climate. If you want to celebrate in cold, you can go to the Shimla. If you want to enjoy in deserts you can turn to Rajasthan and if you want to enjoy the forests, you can go to Kerala.

  • Italy

Italy is also one of the most beautiful wedding destinations. In Italy, you would find the villas all over the country to do the destination weddings. These villas are not the normal home like thing. These are the 5-star facilities like villas which have everything inside them. It’s up to you which hotel and destination you want to choose. Here are some of the most beautiful villas for the destination wedding in Italy:

  • La Posta Vecchia, Rome
  • Villa Lena, Tuscany
  • Villa La Massa, Florence
  • Villa Pliniana, Lake Como
  • Villa Sola Cabiati, Lake Como

These spots are the most beautiful spots if you wanna choose Italy for the wedding destination. Also, the wedding destinations are surrounded by the amazing Italian environment. The city of the Rome is an amazing tourist destination in which you can go and roam all over the city.

  • Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a great destination spot if you want to surround yourself with lovely beaches and the calmness of the waves. You can tie the knot in the middle of the ocean or in the hotel which gives you the scenic views. One hotel is Alia Ubud resort which is located in Payangan. The resort is amazing for the destination weddings as it is all surrounded by the natural beauty of the country. Apart from the wedding, you can also roam all over the country whenever you want to. Take a walk beside the seaside with your loved one or just simply walk barefoot on the sand. Whatever you choose you’ll get the most calming experience ever.

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