Backpacking in Alaska


Alaska is the land of wilderness and untamed beauty. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Alaskan landscape is a surreal experience.

If you are an adventure-seeking soul looking for the next place on the map, this could be it. With rivers, forest, and vast stretches of awe-inspiring mountains and valleys, Alaska is a backpacker’s paradise. 

Alaska is home to famous National Parks and backpacking destinations like Denali National Park as well as others such as Kenai Fjords and Wrangell – St. Elias. Alaska, with its beauty, will just make you dive into an unforgettable adventure in the northern wilderness. Backpack through Alaska’s breathtaking mountain ranges and lush green valleys. 

So, work your way up the rugged peaks, and admire the views of the valley down below. As you travel, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Dall sheep, moose, caribou, and wolves.

Take a look at some tips and travel routes we have compiled for your Alaskan holiday post quarantine!


  • Fix a proper route before setting out
  • Always have your map and compass 
  • Carry your own tent
  • Don’t forget to hydrate yourself from time to time.
  • Choose safer grounds for night halts. You don’t want to run into bears.
  • Wear proper clothes and shoes, as the weather is often unpredictable.
  • Communication might be a problem out there, so always keep someone informed about your entire route just in case.
  • Carry emergency medicines, torch, and gears.
  • Have a lot of dry food and canned ready to eat hiking food with you.
  • Keep a lighter or matchsticks or something similar to light a fire, remember being able to make a fire while camping is essential out there in the wild.

Some Great Routes for You

Although the whole of Alaska is a treasure trove of nature and has a lot in store for you, here we have some of the most popular routes you can try out while backpacking there.

  • Curry Ridge Trailhead, Denali State Park: Curry Ridge Trail is a picturesque and relatively short hike that opened up in recent years. The beautiful trail gradually climbs up to the ridge along a well-maintained path.
  • Gold Mint Trailhead, Talkeetna Mountain Range: The Gold Mint Trail can be covered as a very long day hike or even a multi-day trip. Most of the trail route follows along a glacial valley with the Little Susitna River flowing through the middle. As you near the end of the valley, you will start heading up the steep mountains into a region that overlooks Mint Hut and the Talkeetna. On a clear day, you could catch a 360-degree broad view of the surrounding mountain ranges and valleys.
  • Bryon Glacier Trailhead, Chugach National Forest: It is an easy day hike that offers you beautiful views of the glacier and a well-maintained gravel trail. This trail weaves through lush cottonwood forest alongside the Bryon Creek, with numerous off-shoots. The path comes out at a viewing area in front of a large glacial moraine.

Final Notes

Alaska is a beautiful place with rich biodiversity and scenic routes all over. The mountains and valleys with all their grandiose are worth every visit and will surely make your backpacking experience memorable.

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