Are Hotel Bedspreads the Dirtiest Surfaces You Have Ever Slept On?

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Recently I talked about remote controls in hotels in a dramatically titled article, “The Remote Control Nightmare in Hotels and How to Save Yourself.” I was talking to one of my friends recently and I talked about this article. This friend of mine gave me a lot more things to worry about, considering he is interning at a 5-star hotel, and his current department is housekeeping.

The things he told us about how stuff was cleaned, what was used, how the housekeeping staff treated stuff in the room, and the cleanliness of stuff in general – they are all reasons enough to give one of my other friends nightmares, who won’t even eat out without using the sanitizer first.

I asked about bedspreads first because I had heard a lot of stories online about how they weren’t changed between guests and were only changed if they had some visible spill. Let’s talk in summary about the two main things. The other main thing that will get you disgusted is something I will hold on for some other time, because I, myself, haven’t come to terms with it.

Hotel Bedspreads

You might think that the bed is all clean and fresh, after all, they take time to clean the room between guests, and the beds do look freshly made. They might be freshly made, but the sheets aren’t necessarily fresh.

Even if the sheets are switched, the top-heavy comforter isn’t. Many hotels keep the same top comforter for a while. If there isn’t any spill on the sheets or some signs of distress, they just dust the sheets and tuck them back in. The top comforter is a nice and cozy home for bedbugs. While bedbugs might be less likely – considering the hotels want to maintain their 5-star status,  but there are bodily fluids to worry about.

You never know what the guests before you have done on the bed, so if the sheets or the top comforter aren’t changed, chances are that the bodily fluids are still trapped in them, and you are rubbing your body in it when getting all bundled up in the cozy feeling bed.

Nowadays some hotels have started being open about the fact, but it is disguised as being “environmentally friendly.” While I do get it, most don’t follow other norms of getting that title, so playing with hygiene is a bit out there for many people.

You will usually get a card that says that the bedspread and sheets are changed every two days to be environment-friendly, and if you want to get your bedspread changed, then you have to let them know.

Things You Can Do to Avoid Being Susceptible to This:

  • Remove the top layer of bedding and sleep with only the washed sheets and blankets.
  • Pack a sleeping bag liner that is one of the super-light and thin kind, so that you have your own clean bubble. This can seem a little extreme though to many, and sort of an inconvenience as well. 
  • Check the sheets before you get in.
  • Ask to get the sheets changed if they do not seem fresh.

Final Thoughts

Having people that work in the industry that is related to services can be a blessing and a curse because ignorance can be really bliss in some cases. While I am glad I know about this stuff, they are also going to rule my mind when I book a stay at any hotel the next time.