The Remote Control Nightmare in Hotels and How to Save Yourself

television remote control

I admit that the title is a bit dramatic, but for a germaphobe, this is exactly how it feels.

Hotel rooms, although cleaned between guests, can harbor a lot of germs. Every time someone leaves the room, and the room is prepared for another guest, no one has the time to give the room a deep clean. Sheets might be changed, fresh towels might be put out, but no one is cleaning those remotes and light switches.

I talked about the germiest things on airplanes, does that give you a hint to what I want to talk about today? I don’t think it will, because you don’t have these in airplanes. What do you think is the dirtiest, crummiest, and germiest of all the articles in your hotel room?

Hotel Remotes

The housekeepers may dust the console your TV and the remote is on, they might even give it a wipe down, but it is highly unlikely that they are going to be cleaning the remote. Unless the remote is too dusty, has had something spill on it, or has something visible on it – no one is going to take the time out to clean the remote – even if you have booked the best hotel.

People often watch TV while munching on something, they then use the remote with the same hands. This leaves oil, crumbs, and various other things on the remotes. It all gets deposited around the buttons – everything becomes a breeding ground for bacterias.

Many studies conducted by microbiologists have found that the highest levels of contamination from bacterial growth are found on remote controls in the entirety of hotel rooms.

Tips to Use the Remote Control:

  • Use Disinfectants – Use a disinfecting wipe or a wet to wipe the remote before you use it. This will make sure that most of the bacteria present on the remote will be killed.
  • Use the Free Shower Cap – If you have forgotten to carry wet wipes with you, you can always use the free hotel shower cap that hotels provide. It might not be the slickest trick, but it will get the work done.
  • Use Hand Sanitizer – Use hand sanitizer after you touch the remote control, especially before eating your food.

Final Thoughts

Knowing smart hotel hacks to make the most of your stay is important. Being able to stay safe from invisible enemies, that can easily make you sick and ruin your holidays, is even more crucial. Make sure to clean the remote before use and wash your hands before you eat.