Activities and Services You May Try on a Nile Cruise Boat in Egypt

Activities and Services You May Try on a Nile Cruise Boat in Egypt

The Nile River cruise is one of the most reliable Egypt tour packages that offer several kinds of activities and services while cruising the boat during your tour.

These onboard and off-the-board Nile River cruise activities are specially designed to keep you engaged and ensure you get the most out of your tour. From sightseeing tours to cultural displays to private room services…you name it.

The beautiful thing about these services and activities is that they are suitable for all genders, ages, and personality types. Just get all your preparations done, set your budget and preferences, and relax to get the best from your Nile River cruise tour.

Here’s our recommended list of activities and services you can try your hands on:

· Cultural Displays

· Sightseeing Tours

· Educational Lectures

· Fitness and Recreational Exercises

· Room Services

· Photography Services

· Relaxation and Leisure

· Cooking Classes on Egypt’s Dishes

· Wifi and Communication Facilities

Let’s begin!

Cultural Displays

If you are a lover of new cultures, this would really fascinate you as you get to experience the beauty of Egyptian culture. Most Nile River cruises offer several kinds of cultural displays while on the boat.

Some of the activities include dance performances showcasing Egypt’s core traditional dances, a rich heritage from time immemorial.

You also enjoy some local Egyptian music featuring primary Egyptian instrumentations and librettos that go back in time.

Get yourself set as you get immersed in this awesome activity.

Sightseeing Tours

A Nile River cruise isn’t complete without the experience of exploring some of Egypt’s most precious, well-preserved ancient sites, relics, and artifacts.

Each tour has scheduled sites to visit while on the tour. In each scheduled activity, you’ll get to visit well-known temples and monuments.

Get ready to see the renowned Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Abu Simbel, and many other places included in your Egypt tour packages.

The beautiful thing about the sightseeing tour is that you go on a guided tour. What this means is that you’ll be assigned an expert in Egyptology who’ll guide you all through the tour while giving you relevant information about the places you visit.

Educational Lectures

An educational lecture is yet another activity you may try on a Nile cruise boat while in Egypt. If you’re a student or researcher, this is probably one of the best activities you should never miss out on.

Here, you get to learn about Egypt’s long-preserved history and culture.

Activities and Services You May Try on a Nile Cruise Boat in Egypt

These lectures are designed and presented through informative lectures. Highly trained experts in Egyptology are assigned to each cruise to do the presentations.

You should probably go along with some lecture notes or still get your notepad handy because you’ll sure get enough information to go home with.

Fitness and Recreational Exercises

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Right? Let’s say you’ve been working all these while and decided to take some time off to go on a tour to Egypt; what stops you from getting all the fun from it? Guess nothing should!

These fitness and recreational exercises are designed to help you unwind while you go on your Nile River cruise.

Most cruise ships usually have equipment for activities such as table tennis or chess. Also, expect to see game rooms (for game lovers) and fitness centers where you get to put your body and soul together.

This activity is designed to ensure that as you get the best from your Nile River cruise tour, your body and mind are kept in check and healthy.

Room Services

Most Nile River cruise cabins provide room services for travelers who are onboard. These services are designed to provide you with added comfort and satisfaction.

You may also refer to this as tailored services. They’re tailored because they meet your personal needs. For instance, breakfast in bed, a manicure right in your room, a specially prepared meal, and many more.

You should bear in mind that some Nile River cruises charge extra fees for room services. Make sure you do your research and talk with customer services to know how things work there.

Photography Services

Are you a lover of photographs? Do you like high-quality professional pictures to create beautiful memories of your visit to Egypt? Well, this might be the right service for you.

Most Nile River cruises offer professional photography services for travelers like you. Professional photographers on board can capture your journey’s highlights.

Of course, you know that comes with additional cost. If you are prepared for it, ensure you include it as part of your Egypt tour packages. The goal is to get the best from your tour.

Relaxation and Leisure

After a long day of walking and touring through different sections of the Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, etc., you’ll definitely need some to relax and ease off the stress.

This is why most Nile River cruises offer relaxation activities, such as onboard spas, sun decks, and swimming pools, to help you relax and get yourself together.

You may want to try this out, as this is very crucial to your tour. Most tourists engage in this activity as a way to get off the stress during the off-the-board tour.

If this interests you, you may add it to your bucket list.

Cooking Classes on Egypt’s Dishes

Are you a lover of intercontinental dishes? Want to try your hands on an entirely new dish? This is probably the best pick for you as you get to learn different Egypt’s dishes.

With this activity, you don’t just go on a tour; you go and come back with new cooking skills.

Egypt is blessed with several kinds of dishes, which include Ful Medames, a breakfast dish made of fava beans, Oriental desserts, Molokhia stew, Kebabs and grilled meat, Mahshi, and more.

Activities and Services You May Try on a Nile Cruise Boat in Egypt

A quick tip: You may learn how to cook Egypt’s dishes, come back to your home country, and monetize your knowledge. You can hold cooking lessons from what you’ve learned or still open an “Only Egypt dishes” restaurant in your local community and get people coming in to have a taste of what you offer. Your call!

Wi-Fi and Communication Facilities

The importance of Wi-Fi and communication facilities during a Nile River cruise can never be overstressed. This is why most Nile River cruises offer these services while onboard.

This is to help the tourist stay connected with what’s happening in the world around them while keeping memories of their experiences in real-time.

Most tourists have social media accounts where they’d love to share their experiences live. Thanks to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and the like, you get to host live video recordings of your trip.

This is an amazing opportunity to get your content to go viral. Yes, it’s possible!


We’ve seen in this article some of the core activities and services you should try out while on a Nile River cruise boat in Egypt. These activities and services cut across gender, age, and personality traits. Look through and pick the ones that sit well with you, and remember, some of these activities and services come with a cost. Do well to ask questions.

Do You Have Further Questions or Inquiries?

If visiting Egypt is on your to-do list, you’ll definitely need a lot of planning to do on your choice of services and activities. If you need professional help, why not get in touch with us? Let’s help you plan your Nile trip.