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There is no better way to discover the history, culture, and art of Hong Kong than through a tour of the city’s museums. Everything you want to discover, from Chinese heritage, to the military, and even to the mysteries of the universe is within easy reach. Once you’ve made yourself at home in one of the many Hong Kong hotels, get ready to start exploring with our comprehensive guide to the city’s museums.

Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

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History and Science Entwined

History and science go hand in hand in Hong Kong. In fact, the Museum of History and the Science Museum are right next to each other. Discover the city’s history from before prehistoric times through its Chinese, British, and Japanese rule, all the way through contemporary times. Next on the list is the Science Museum, especially if you are traveling with kids. This museum is mainly designed to teach children all about science. This interactive collection of 18 galleries displaying 500 exhibits is equally eye-opening for adults, and the physical fitness center is always fun. 

Once you get these two museums crossed off your list, check out the most popular stop in the city: the egg-shaped Space Museum. Another place that combines science with history, it will take you all the way back to the roots of rocket science.

Art and Culture

The best place to start exploring Hong Kong culture is the Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware. The building housing this museum is a historical gem in itself, dating back to 1840, and displays Hong Kong’s most valuable teaware collection. To delve deeper into Hong Kong’s historical, artistic, and cultural heritage, your next stop is the Heritage Museum, followed by the Museum of Art, which focuses on Chinese or Chinese-related art. Your next stop is the Hong Kong Film Archive, with an exhibition hall, cinema, and resource center dedicated to local film culture.

Maritime and Law Enforcement

When it comes to the art of war and peace keeping, Hong Kong has plenty of museums to satisfy your curiosity. The first stop is the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, where education and fun are closely linked. Models, interactive displays, videos, and comprehensive collections and artifacts will take you through the history of maritime shipping and warfare in Hong Kong and across the globe. To find out more about protecting this city, visit the Coastal Defense Museum next.

The next stop on the list is the Hong Kong Police Museum. Although relatively small, it will take you on a journey of law enforcement in this city from British colonial times to the present. If you want to see the other side of this particular slice of history, discover the evolution of prisons over the past 160 years at the Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum.

Visit for Free

The Correctional Services Museum admission is always free, and many other museums like the History, Science, Coastal Defense, Heritage and Museum of Art offer free admission on Wednesdays. It is a jam-packed museum visiting day, yet completely worth it.

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