8 Best Places to Visit in Finland

Vaasa, Finland

Graced with some of the best scenic beauty in all of the world, Finland, just like its Scandinavian neighbors is like a Winter Wonderland on the face of this Earth. With the unspoiled forest landscape and fascinating Northern Lights in the sky and an infinite number of places to visit, this place seems to be straight out of a fairytale book. To ease your dilemma of where to go and where not, the following article highlights the best and must visit places from all of Finland.

  1. Northern Lights

Undoubtedly the main attraction of the all the countries situated on the poles, Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the most fantastic and breathtaking scenes you can ever watch in your lifetime. A magical and out-of-the-world experience, these lights in the sky are undoubtedly the best attraction in Finland.

  1. Helsinki

The Capital as well the biggest city of Finland, Helsinki is one of the most architecturally marveled places in the world. Famous for its many cathedrals, museums, and galleries, Helsinki is a must go to place for art lovers. One of the hottest tourist destinations in Finland, Helsinki is a bustling city with Finnish culture in its soul.

  1. Aland

Commonly referred to as one of the most peaceful destinations in Finland, this group of archipelago island is a must go place for all the nature lovers. Situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea, between Sweden and Finland, come and take a dive into the Finnish culture by exploring the maritime museums and castles in Aland.

  1. Kemi

Better known to visitors for its iconic snow castles and hotels built year after year and the bustling nightlife, situated in the Finnish Lapland’s, Kemi is a must visit for adventure lovers. Here, you can even go aboard the massive arctic icebreakers and see them work as they find and break big chunks of arctic ice.

  1. Turku

Another major destination for travelers, a former capital and a cultural hub along the southern coast of Finland, Turku might have lost its glory of middle ages but it still remains home to some of the most iconic places in Finland. The Swedish Theatre, Turku Castle, Orthodox Church, and numerous Finnish History museums can be found here.

  1. Levi

One of the most sought-after destinations in Finland, this ski resort records subzero temperatures all-round the year. Levi is undoubtedly one of the top destinations for fun lovers because of its huge skiing plus snowboarding trails and interesting activities like reindeer safaris, ice fishing, and outdoor saunas.

  1. Santa Clause Village

Popularly known as the Finnish version of Disneyland, this amusement park is nestled into the snowy mountains of Lapland is a visual treat for all its visitors. With its ice restaurants, igloo hotel and activities like reindeer and husky rides, safaris and excursions this place have got something in reserve for each and every visitor.

  1. Porvoo

Just east of Helsinki lies the medieval town of Porvoo. Lined with rows of half crooked wooden houses and half wooden cathedral, this 6 centuries old town is one of the most recognizable landmarks and places of interest in the whole of Finland.