6 Haunted places in Gujarat that will scare you like never before

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Gujrat is full of the natural beauty and sceneries. Even the great Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan does the advertisement of the Gujrat Tourism. Meanwhile, the sweet and sour place in western India is known for its rich culture and food there is also a dark side to it. Have you ever been to a haunted expedition? Do you know the dark haunted places that lie in the heart of Gujrat? Well if not then here is the list of 6 Haunted places in Gujrat that will scare you like never before.

  1. Sindhrot, Vadodara

Sindhrot is known for its beautiful dam where people gather at evening for a picnic or just enjoying that evening with sunset. But wait! Sindhrot is not just known for its bridge. The locals at Sindhrot believes that there is a spirit of a girl revolving around wearing dupatta and salwar with a half cut face! Terrifying isn’t it? They also informed that she asks the tourist to return back to where they came from and often meets people who enter the village with a girl! So, beware! Next time it could be your group.

  1. Avadh Palace, Rajkot

The Avadh-palace is a well-known place in Rajkot. The owner of the mansion is still not known while no one visits nearly it. The locals claim that there was a girl who was gang-raped and murdered. The murderers then burnt her and to this day her spirit revolves around and stop people from entering the mansion.

  1. Signature Farm, Ahmedabad

The Signature farm in Ahmedabad is known for its haunted stories all over the Ahmedabad. Neither there is any human presence here nor does any signal reaches here, well that’s something spooky. What will give you goosebumps is that the locals believe that the sculptures here were cut including a statue of Lord Gautam Buddha. A great massacre held at the place and a lot of villagers were killed. The sound of the horses running and villagers roaming could be seen at night!

  1. Rajkot Road, Bagodara

A little area over the highway that links Rajkot and Ahmedabad. The road is well known for a lot of accidents and mishappenings that have had happened there. At first, the locals thought it was all those drunk drivers but they soon appeared to be wrong! The road is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who diverts the drivers and drives them to the death.

  1. GTU Campus, Ahmedabad

At the GTU campus, the students and the staff of the college have reported some abnormal activities. The furniture was reported to be thrown away by some unknown force and the doors and windows shut and open all by them. Well! You are lucky enough not to be in that college.

  1. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

It is believed that the beaches is haunted by the ghosts wishing of being immortal but still roam around. The visitors claim that they could hear the laughter around when there was no one. While a lot of stories are still unknown as most of the visitors are appeared to be missing.

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