5 Weird a.k.a. Smart Travel Hacks for the Wanderer in You

travel tips

Traveling requires a lot of planning and preparation before you head out. Every tip and trick in the book is welcome. Over the years, I have learned a bunch of tips, some are very obvious, and some are so weird that they are smart. Some have been learned through trial and error and some through fellow travelers. No matter what the source, these are some of the best tips that I have to share with you guys. I would go as far as calling them life-changing.

The tips I am going to talk about today aren’t that weird when you think about them but definitely not very obvious, so I hope this helps make your planning and packing a lot easier.

1. Use ‘Private Browsing’ or ‘Incognito Mode’ for Cheaper Flight Tickets

Websites track your visits through cookies on your browser, so airlines and travel sites know when you visit the same thing more times. This causes the ticket price you’re shown to rise because you have searched for it already and they know that you need them. This is usually used to encourage impulse buying and also to have you book tickets well in advance. You can avoid that by using ‘incognito’ or ‘private’ browsing.

2. Use a TV to Charge Your Electronics

I have forgotten my chargers many times or simply lost them. If that happens, then this nifty little trick can save your electronics’ life, quite literally. Modern TV sets have a USB connector that is usually situated at the side of the TV or the back, and you can connect your phones or laptops or your dead power bank through your USB cord to the TV, and Voila!

3. Email Yourself Important Documents

It is very easy to be a victim of theft when you are in a new place and it is as easy to lose stuff when you are rushing to catch flights and get your luggage checked in. So, it is always a good idea to screenshot all your tickets and reservations and take pictures of your documents and email yourself with all the attachments. It will make your life so much easier to have everything in one place as well as have a backup in case anything goes wrong.

4. Roll Your Clothes to Save Space

If you are anything like me, then you are always looking for ways to make your packing easier and more efficient. This is one of the tricks that I have used every time since I have learned it. Instead of folding your clothes, all you have to do is roll them into little burritos and store them. This saves space and also protects your clothes from creasing and wrinkling.

5. Protect Razors With a Binder Clip

This is another of the life-saving packing tips. If your razors don’t have a protective case for the razor heads then storing them can be quite tricky and dangerous. You don’t want to be bleeding when you are searching for something. All you need to do is, cover the razor head with a binder clip and you are good to go.