10 Items You Should Never Travel Without

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One of the reasons I always suggest people create travel checklists is so that they don’t forget to pack essential things. There are some things that make traveling so much easier. Here are some of the things that I can’t travel without and also the reasons why they are important and why I would advise others not to as well.

1. Travel and identification documents

This is obviously a no-brainer, and also sort of impossible to go anywhere without a few of this, but the documents that you don’t immediately need is something that you can forget. Put all your documents like your passport, visa, identity cards, medical insurance, credit/debit cards, a little cash, etc. in a purse or a small folder that you can easily carry with you everywhere and don’t forget anything.

Write the names of all the places you will be staying in with their details and directions on how to reach them, also if you want, take a print of the itinerary – keeping all of this with the documents will also make your life easier.

2. Toiletries

Packing toiletries can be a pain, especially if you are going to be flying. Liquids are a nightmare for airports. Some people choose not to carry them at all, planning to buy it at the destination. If you have sensitive skin, then this might not be a good idea, because most can give you skin rashes, and something available in a new place might not suit you at all.

Therefore, it is important to carry your own toiletries. Check the allowed amount and carry accordingly. If you are worried about liquids or cream leaking or spilling out, then seal their container in leakproof seal bags and pack them all together in another bag.

3. Skincare (sunscreen, skin cream/moisturizer)

If you are going to a place where you will be out in the sun, carrying sunscreen with SPF protection is a good idea. Weather changes are a reason for your skin to act out, so carrying something for skin protection is a good idea. Along with sunscreen try to carry a skin cream or moisturizer that you can apply to your skin before you retire to bed.

4. Hygiene products (hand sanitizer, wet wipes)

Going to visit places are a great way for you to be exposed to germs and dirt. Have hand sanitizer and wet wipes in easy reach, keep it in the front or side pocket of your carry on bag. Wet wipes can be useful when you go out to eat, and the seats or cutlery isn’t as clean as you like.

Because you are visiting places and touching things, your hands are going to be dirty. Hand sanitizer comes as a savior, even in places with no means to wash hands. Both these products are God sent if you have to use a public bathroom.

5. Electronics (Phone charger, power bank, camera)

Chargers and earphones are some of the things that people usually forget, and they are also some of the things that we use daily. Pack your primary gadgets like charger, earphones or headphones, a charged power bank, and camera first. If possible, have them in your handbag or carry on.

6. Credit card, money

Credit cards make the cash flow really easy. It becomes easier and also safer to carry money and spend whenever you want. Even though you have a credit card, it is advisable to keep some money with you because not every place is going to accept a card and ATMs won’t be that easy to find everywhere. Also, exchange money before leaving or immediately after reaching to not have any issues with the currency throughout your trip.

7. Comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must when traveling, especially if you are going to be exploring. No matter how many connecting vehicles you have, you will have to walk, and uncomfortable shoes are no one’s friend even in normal daily lives, let alone vacations.

To make your trips stress and pain-free, and for your feet to be as happy as you are about the trip, pack a comfortable pair.

8. First aid kit

You should always have a basic first aid kit for travels. Include band-aids, painkillers, skin ointments, etc. Keep all the medication that you might need, like cough syrup, flu medicine, and other medical essentials. When you are in a foreign place, having your own care package helps a great deal and also helps make your travel comfortable.

9. Water bottle/travel mug

Water bottle or travel mug is an essential item on any travel checklist because they are really handy if you are unable to find a way to get water like on a hike, safari, or even a beach. With us getting more and more environmentally conscious, it is also important because then we won’t be buying single-use bottles along the way.

10. Entertainment (book, kindle, iPad, iPod)

Carrying something for your entertainment so that you don’t get bored during your travels is important. You want every part of your trip to be a happy experience. Getting bored on the plane or car is not exactly a happy experience. Carry a book, or better yet, carry a kindle for a wide selection of topics without needing much space. In essence, the iPad and iPod are also a great entertainment option.

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