5 Must Have Items for a Traveler in Asia

Asia is a big country, and every region has their own differences, but there are a few essentials that everyone should and must carry with them in order to make their trip as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.

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A calculator

Calculators are the best tool for bargaining in Asia, even without being able to speak the language. It is a great currency converter to have with you in your back pocket so that you are able to spend according to your budget. There have been countless numbers of time that I was unable to do the math quick enough in my head to bargain and when I pulled out a calculator, the price dropped automatically. I recommend bringing a solar calculator so d you do not have to worry about the battery problem.

Bottled water

Bottled water is crucial for the first few days that you are traveling outside of your home country. Water in Asia is extremely poor and therefore it is best to carry a few bottles of water with you until your body is able to adapt to the differences. Mix in your bottle water with the food that you eat (soups, noodles, specialty drinks and such). If you are consuming dry foods, drink the bottle waters that you bring with you rather the water they serve. Throughout your trip in Asia, stick to bottle waters to prevent any sicknesses.

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Bug spray

There is no place in Asia without bugs. Being an outsider going into Asia, your blood and flesh will probably be the juiciest meat for these bugs so you should prepare ahead of time to not get bitten. I recommend actual bugs pray and no the clip on repellent because when you are in Asia, you will continuously travel and walk so clip on will not work as well.


A hat

Weather in most parts of Asia that are tourist-friendly is extremely hot. Many people in Asia carry umbrellas to refrain from their skin turning a dark shade, especially women. Although you may want to tan as much as possible, it is not worth it to get sick from the sun by becoming dehydrated or having a heat stroke. For the children, I recommend picking up a hat with a fan attached to it that is powered by solar energy. This way, children will stay cool and refreshed from the sun.

A mouth guard

It may sound funny and foolish to have a mouth guard on, but Asia is full of pollution and transportation consists of mostly bikes and motor bikes. You are also at risk of getting sick because there are many Asian people that have a bad habit of not covering their mouth and or just spitting on the floor. I suggest using a mouth guard to reduce the chances of getting sick and inhaling too much pollution.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Asia with these five must haves to survive!

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3 Comment to “5 Must Have Items for a Traveler in Asia”

  1. xixerone says:

    I wouldn’t call the spitting thing a “bad habit”, it’s just a cultural thing like many others.

  2. The eye of the beholder, I guess. It is indeed nothing more than a cultural difference, but we tend to consider it a bad habit. That’s how we’re programmed 🙂

    I think I could deal with it, although having someone cough near me might freak me out – just because a cold in hot weather is extremely bad news for me. What I could never deal with is bugs, so I would always make sure to have plenty of bug spray 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    I was just in china. The spitting habit is DISGUSTING. You hear people hocking luggies every 5 minutes. And so many people have this like hacking cough and don’t cover their mouths and also don’t teach their children to either.

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