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US Report: 2012 Was Safest Year in Aviation since 1945

12 February 2013 | Views: Plane crashes will always be big news, but the reality is that air travel is ... citeste mai mult

Ryanair profits up 10%

7 November 2012 | Views: Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s CEO, has announced in a recent press conference that the company’s profit rose by ... citeste mai mult

SkyScanner: easyJet and British Airways Serve the Best on Board Wines

11 August 2011 | Views: glass of white wine If you were wondering which airline to take to drink the best wine, SkyScanner thought ... citeste mai mult

CAE and AirAsia Sign Joint Venture for Training Center

20 June 2011 | Views: Low cost carrier AirAsia and aviation technology training and technology provider CAE have turned their ... citeste mai mult

JetBlue Partners with Icelandair to Expand Air Travel Routes

2 May 2011 | Views: JetBlue Airways has just announced its new interline partnership with Icelandair at an event held ... citeste mai mult

Hong Kong Airlines to Use Kung Fu on Trouble-making Passengers

19 April 2011 | Views: Drunken, loud, rude and generally trouble-making passengers can be a real hassle on a flight. ... citeste mai mult

Egypt Uses Incentives to Revive Tourism

31 March 2011 | Views: Egypt’s economy depends highly on a steady influx of foreign tourist and the money they ... citeste mai mult