6 Reasons to Visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Mississippi might not be promoted as the most trendy travel destination in the US, but that’s because the Mississippi Gulf Coast is just missing out on a bit of the spotlight. Unfairly so, we might add. Once you take a look at what you can actually do here, you understand it’s a destination that can accommodate almost all types of travelers. Shopping, family friendly activities, water sports, adventures for the adrenaline seekers, delights for nature lovers, all can be found in this destination.

So why should you travel here?

1. The season is irrelevant

Be it winter, spring, summer, or autumn, there’s always something fun to do. Each season brings it’s own special flavor to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but there’s always fun to be had. That’s important, especially when you can’t travel when everyone else can.

2. Your kids will have tons of fun. 

From the children’s museum – the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, to the Gulf Islands Waterpark, from the eco-tours for the whole family to the Biloxi Shrimping trip or watching the dolphins swim, kids will definitely have fun on your trip.

3. Who needs Las Vegas? 

There currently twelve different Mississippi casinos to choose from and that number is expected to go up in the near future, as more tourists come here to have fun with a little gambling. Of course, this makes it perfect for all kinds of fun parties.

4. Outdoor paradise

The sub-tropical climate means you can spend time in the great outdoors all year round. Kayaking, biking, hiking, eco-tours, bird watching, or trying to spot the endangered species living here, you will most definitely be entertained. There are also quite a few golf courses if that’s your preferred outdoors fun.

5. Fishing thrills

Fishing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is a unique experience. With over 200 different species of fish and all possible types of fishing – freshwater, brackish water, and saltwater, this destination is perfect for those who are addicted to this activity. You get to choose between inshore fishing, pier fishing, wade fishing and deep sea fishing, and might even catch yourself a shark.

6. Vibrant nightlife

There isn’t an evening without a live performance, or a club hosting a party, or the casinos inviting you to party till you drop. You can opt for a more relaxed evening, or party like there’s no tomorrow.