World’s 7 Most Romantic Movie Locations

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We all love movies. We all love a bit of romance in it too. Why do we love the romantic escapades, dialogues, scenes so much? I can honestly say that most of the time romance is what fills the TV. It is just everywhere. No matter what kind of romance we are watching, we keep a close eye to the destinations where the hero and heroine spend their valuable time together. We should be thankful to those films that revealed so many places that sometimes we didn’t even had an idea that they existed. We literally try to place ourselves in those places, no matter how far away. There are certain places that are etched into our minds because of how well they were shown in certain movies.

  • Barcelona, Spain

This Spanish beauty has been mesmerizing film lovers for a long time. The streets of Barcelona are always covered with tourists and locals. The buildings, pavements, streetlights, the sunset- they all lend the city its charm and charisma. Romantic movies like Vicki Christina Barcelona (2008), Barcelona Summer Night (2013) were shot here and the city added the vigour in the movies, since Barcelona too played a significant part in the films.

  • London, England

If it’s London, it is romance. The city is embedded in romance that you just can’t one from the other. There is a certain charm to the people of England; the same is the case of the films that were shot here. The city that boasts of a long list of spots that you can’t miss is also a hot spot for some time with your special someone. The movies that were shot here will prove the romantic capability of the city. Films like Notting Hill (1999), Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001), Closer (2004) were some of the beautiful romantic films that were completely taken in London.

  • New York, USA

New York might be one of the most recognised destinations in the whole wide world. Hence, there were a lot of movies that were shot in the ‘Big Apple’. The city that is always crowded and busy has got its own charisma and a lot of films were able to pay actual homage to the city by painting a romantic picture to it. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1957), Annie Hall (1977), Splash (1984), When Harry Met Sally (1989), Sleepless in Seattle (1993), Hitch (2005) were some of those romantic super hits that were shot with New York as its backdrop.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you have read or seen A Fault in Our Stars, you might remember the location precisely. The city is a proper European hub, something like Paris and London. The charm that the city possesses is so much that everybody just wishes to be born there.  Everything in the city is truly romantic, the museums, canal rides etc. Fault in Our Stars really showed the beauty and charm of Amsterdam. A Perfect Man (2013) is another film that comes to my mind when thinking of Amsterdam, even though the film was a bit boring.

  • Rome, Italy

The Italian cities are always so immersed in culture and history. Rome is no different. The city is home to a lot of oldest streets in the whole Europe. This adds to the charm and lures more people towards the city. Films like When in Rome (2010), Under the Tuscan Sun (2003), The Tourist (2010) were some of the romantic films that were filmed in Rome.

  • Greek Islands

The islands surrounding Greece is such a beautiful sight that any film maker will open their lenses and capture its beauty. You can see some amazing and stunning sights all around the city- from mountains to villages that are whitewashed. Films like Mamma Mia (2008), Shirley Valentine (1989) are some of those films that captured this beauty.

  • Paris, France

Romance=Paris. This is an equation that has been said and followed for a long time. There is something about the city that makes anyone fall in love. The place is an undying area of love and all the couples make it a point to tour here just to grasp the romance that is in the air. The city has the small cafes, bistros, pavements, and charming people spraying on that charming French accent. There is nothing there that isn’t romantic. Amelie (2001), Before Sunset (2004), Everyone Says I Love You (1996) etc. are some of those romantic films that also captured the beauty of the romantic city.

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