Travel Warning: Winter Storm in US Midwest

Winter Storm in US Midwest

Snowfall and storms expected in the Midwest, heading to New York and New England next

The month of February might be nearly over, but winter is not done yet! After the blistering cold and heavy snowfalls in Europe (see what that meant for Romania here), the USA is expected to experience some winter storms as well. and MSNBC warned of a winter storm causing snowfalls across the Midwest and then taking over upstate New York and the northern part of New England early this morning. According to meteorologist Tim Ballisty,  Chicago might soon be covered in “a half foot or more” of snow. And if that was not enough, add lightning strikes and thunder to the mix!

“On Thursday into Friday, look for a stripe of snow to lay down from the Dakotas into Iowa, northern Illinois, far northern Indiana and lower Michigan,” he added. “The bulk of the heaviest snow will fall south of Milwaukee — closer to the Wisconsin/Illinois border.”

The winter storm that started yesterday has already caused several inches of snow to cover parts of North and South Dakota, while other places got more than a foot of snow.

Winter Storm in US Midwest

“Look for areas north and west of Detroit, such as Flint, to pick up some of the heaviest snow across lower Michigan,” Ballisty said. “It’s here where we anticipate snowfall amounts to surpass 6 inches. Still, a decent snowfall will make its way into the Motor City on Thursday night with the heaviest snowfall rates occurring during the overnight hours.”

In New York and New England, the heaviest snowfalls are expected in northern regions of the state and in Vermont, Burlington. Boston will also be covered in a few inches of snow later today.

If you are travelling in these regions, take note of weather conditions and how they can impact flights or other means of transport.