Why Israel Should be on Every Traveler’s Must-Visit List

From the Earth’s lowest point with one of the world’s most colorful waters to the prehistoric caves of Mount Carmel, and from some of the richest cultural hubs to the city that never sleeps, Israel has something to offer whatever it is that you’re looking for in your trip. Diversity is also one of the reasons why so many different types of travelers visit the Holy Land, from those looking to immerse themselves in authentic experiences that awaken their spirituality to those expecting to be blown away by thousands of years of history.

Israel is a small and young nation that bridges Europe, Asia, and Africa. And, despite the abundance of attractions, they are concentrated, so one of the best parts of this country is that you can get the most out of your trip without having to travel long distances.

If cultural shock and unique memories are what you’re looking for in your trip, let’s see how the Land of Spirituality can meet your expectations.

The Holy Land Awakens Everyone’s Spirituality

Exploring the Christian, Jewish, Armenian, and Muslim quarters of the Old City revitalizes everyone’s faith among the most visited attractions in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital and home to the three major monotheistic world religions. A visit here is a pilgrimage to one of the most sacred places worldwide. Most things to do and sights to see are hidden within the Old City district’s compact lanes.

Haram Al-Sharif, or the Temple Mount, is one of the holiest sanctuaries on Earth. A place of profound significance for those of faith, this place is centered around the Dome of the Rock, the most iconic landmark in Jerusalem.

Another highlight that history fans, and not only them, visit all year round is the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism. Inside the cracks of the walls, you’ll find pieces of paper with wishes written on them. Book a Evangelical Christian tours to Israel for a meaningful experiences.

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Israel has a lot of memorable places to offer, and the itinerary is full of activities, which is why travelers choose to book Christian tours to Israel to make the most of their pilgrimage. With guided tours, the perfect itinerary is planned, and the most exciting sights are visited time-efficiently. If Holy Land is on your bucket list, you don’t have to worry about transportation, accommodation, or similar visit details if you choose a group trip.

Tel Aviv Defies Expectations

A visit to the liberal, free-spirited city of Tel Aviv will be one to remember, thanks to the plethora of attractions it offers. Nothing beats walking and breathing in the fresh Mediterranean air along the seaside promenade. With skyscrapers stamping the horizon to the north and Old Jaffa to the south, the Tel Aviv boardwalk is a favorite for beach-goers.

Other attractions making this beach town a must-visit include:

  • The Tel Aviv Port – a wave-shaped deck full of leisure centers, bars, cafes, and stores
  • The Carmel Market, filled to the brim with fresh produce, fabrics, and spices
  • The Suzanne Dellal Center in the heart of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood
  • The tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard with classic Bauhaus architecture
  • The HaYarkon Park, with the Yarkon River running through it
  • The hot air balloon TLV.

The Sea of Salt has Many Health Benefits

The Dead Sea, also known as the Sea of Salt, is the lowest point on Earth, at some 420 meters below sea level. What makes it unique is that you can’t actually swim in it! But you can lay on your back and float relaxed because the saltiness of the water brings you to the surface automatically. Be careful not to get water in your eyes or wade in with open wounds.

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There’s a reason why dead sea products infest every skincare store worldwide – the water and minerals here have been in demand for thousands of years. There are several assumed health benefits of spending time at the Dead Sea. For instance, the climate is perfect for thalassotherapy, climatotherapy, and heliotherapy.

To reap the health benefits, try covering yourself in mud. And if it isn’t your thing, you have several spas nearby, offering saunas, seawater pools, and mineral pools.

Israeli Cuisine is a World-Renowned Fusion of Foods

Thanks to many cultural and culinary influences, Israeli cuisine is a combination of traditional Jews foods and recipes brought here by the Jewish diaspora. It blends the spice of Middle Eastern cuisine with the freshness of the Mediterranean, offering flavors that are hard to find in other countries in the world. Drawing on European, Asian, African, Levant, and Arabic, Israeli cuisine satisfies healthy food enthusiasts and gourmands.

Important Travel Tips From Experienced Travelers

If you’re going to plan a trip to Israel, there are several helpful aspects to acknowledge beforehand. First, you’ll hear many languages around since Israel is such a popular tourist attraction. You won’t be expected to speak Hebrew, and you will do just fine with English, but you will blend better and be appreciated by locals if you access a Hebrew book online and learn a few words. Try saying “Lehitraot” instead of goodbye and “Shalom” instead of hello, and they’ll get you a long way.

Also, the best time to visit the country depends on the kind of trip you want. If you want to explore the Mediterranean beaches, the best period is between June and September. And if you want to go on hikes, the spring and autumn offer more bearable temperatures.

Last but not least, just like in every other country, it’s recommended to be careful about cultural traditions. When you visit places of worship or sacred spaces like synagogues, churches, or mosques, it’s essential to wear appropriate clothing.

The Holy Land has been under so many rules throughout history that it’s no wonder it has so many archeological sites and attractions. Being home to so many cultures and lifestyles, some cities, like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, feel like two opposite worlds. And luckily, owing to the country’s small size, you can explore these worlds in just a few days’ trips.