Why do we need vacations?

We often meet people who say, “I need a vacation” or “I cannot wait to get away for a few days.” Exhaustion is real and can hit the best of us. You work hard and are juggling the entire humdrum entailing what we call “daily life.” We agree that the human mind is capable of many great things and is a box of unlimited ideas, but does that mean that it does not need time to recharge? 

The design of a human body enables it to be active, but it does require a balance of timely rest, food, and rejuvenation. 

Remember how we would wait for the beginning of the summer holidays? The sandy beaches, having thin delicious sandwiches and those popsicles keeping you cool on a relatively sunny day! Now how have we forgotten these legendary summer holidays amidst the hectic noise of our lives? 

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Let us try and unwind, take a breathe and dive into the benefits of taking a vacation:

Increases the Happiness Quotient

We spend our lives trying to chase a lot of worldly pleasures, only to see at some point that it is the small and unknown moments that have bits of happiness hidden in them. Taking a vacation can fill our hearts with a feeling of contentment. When you are on holiday, it would be ideal to completely cut yourself off from work, carrying your office to the serene mountains will be a complete killjoy. A vacation is perfect for relaxing, eating sumptuous meals, and exploring new places and their culture. Working on holiday can only be considered a sin!

No Burnout, More Productivity

It is a well-known fact that we need to cut out the stress and the excess burden of meeting deadlines. Yes, we all want to succeed and make a niche for ourselves in the professional sphere, but let us not forget that excessive stress and over-work will lead to your brain and body burning out. Your productivity will get affected and eventually every aspect of your life. So plan that vacation, solo, with your partner or friends and recuperate, rejoice and reset. Once you are back, you will notice how you can work better and have a positive outlook.

Physical and Mental Health

Stress, exhaustion, lack of exercise, no time for proper meals, unhealthy lifestyle, and late-nights can be the cause of the gradual erosion of your physical and mental health. It is logically impossible to expect your body and mind to keep up with this work-life imbalance, and it will cave to some extent and fail. Take that vacation, let your body and mind get some rest, be responsible on the trip, and do not catch up on some emails. That is not what you are supposed to do on holiday. Eat well, sleep well, explore and reset your batteries. You will come back with fresh energy and probably also decide to live a healthier lifestyle daily. 

Suffice to say that planning a trip and finally taking that vacation will feed your soul, recharge your mind and recuperate your body. So do not wait for the next year and then the next to whisk away on that long impending vacation. There is no time like today! 

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