Top 3 Destinations for your Summer Vacations

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You summer vacation is a time when you just want to relax alone or spend some quality time with your family. The sun is up and so are your spirits. There is just something about the holiday season that makes you want to be happy. The best thing to do is such a situation is to go on a holiday. It can be very confusing to know about the top holiday destination for your summer vacations. This is why you must read ahead to know about the top 3 recommendations which have been loved by the travelers everywhere. With this list, you just cannot go wrong.

1. Colorado: Now, you must be thinking that Colorado is a winter destination. Well, what you do not know yet that it is a summer paradise as well. The location has a more or less moderate climate and this is why you get ample time, scope and space to engage in activities such as mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing and much more. The list is actually long. There is not going to be any dearth of accommodations options and you will get a chance to experience luxury at its best. The best time to visit Colorado is form March to May and September to October. This is why, get ready for the adventure that awaits you!

2. Iceland: For those who do not know, Iceland is actually one of the best places in the world to visit during your summer vacations. It presents a perfect harmony of adventure and nature at its best. This is the reason why we do not blame you if you do not feel like returning to your routine life after this trip. With breathtaking landscape and novel experiences, the best time to visit Iceland is between July and August. You can indulge in geothermal spas or witness the magnificent northern lights that will leave you amazed.

3. Kerala, India: Kerala is a South Indian city which is known all across the globe for its beaches and rich heritage. The landscape is beautiful and you can spend all your time in the house boats, going for walks in the massive coffee and spice plantations as well watching waterfalls and the majestic boat races. There is so much to shop such as the spices, the locally made artifacts and a lot more. There is a flower, neelakurinji in Kerala that blooms once in 12 years. Let’s see if you are in luck!

These are the top 3 destinations for you. you often forget to live life to the fullest when you are in your city of residence with all the work pressure and hectic schedule taking a toll on your mental peace and happiness. This is why vacations are needed by all. While you may go ahead with your family, you can also go on a solo trip to rejoice life. Don’t forget to pack all your essentials and actually travel light so that there is no extra weight that you need to carry.

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