What to Expect From A Trip to Antarctica

What to Expect From A Trip to Antarctica

Antarctica is a faraway land, a Southernmost continent, a harbor for a variety of wildlife, and a place where the flow of time feels different. The White Continent is a teaser for many, yet, due to a variety of reasons, just a few will apply to the trip there and have the time of their life.

Antarctica is the coldest, driest, and windiest place on Earth. At least, that’s what we hear about it. Why do people need to visit this place? What can they expect when embarking on one of the Antarctica cruises?

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Traveling is always a good thing to do in terms of maturing, extending horizons, and discovering the world. However, some places go beyond our wildest expectations and dreams, and Antarctica is one of them. Its nature, its beauty, and its life are not heavily influenced by humans and the civilized era; thus, you get a chance to see an unspoiled place where people abide by the rules of nature.

Apart from such rather spiritual reasons, there are some practical ones as well. Antarctica is at the South Pole. Thus, a trip there is a matter of time and money, which are not always at our disposal. Therefore, plan your trip wisely, and ask for all the details from the Antarctica cruise tour operator, to ensure that everything goes without a hitch and brings you pleasure from the moment you start a journey into the unknown.


Penguins make up the biggest population of birds on the Antarctica continent and, of course, appear on its emblem. Overall, there are 18 species of penguins in the Southern Hemisphere, with 5 of them found in Antarctica and 4 on sub-Antarctic islands.


Penguins are adorable. They may seem rather clumsy when on the land, yet their agility and skillfulness impress when in water. As long as they are unfazed by the tourists, you can typically get closer to them and observe their manner of communication. However, as a rule, everyone is asked not to approach the penguins by 10 meters to avoid bothering them unless the animals are willing to get closer to your camera.

Icebergs and Glaciers

Antarctica is full of glaciers and icebergs. They are simply everywhere, made out of layers of ancient snow and ice. Actually, we all know what an iceberg is and are quite aware of its size. However, when seeing it ‘face-to-face,’ we become completely overwhelmed by its immensity and understand how tiny we are in comparison to the creation of nature.

Extreme Activities

Kayaking, scuba-diving, trekking, mountain climbing, marathon running, plunging – looks like an adventurous kind of pastime? What about making them even more extreme and trying in Antarctica?

Unlike the common misconception, Antarctica is more than just passive observation, ice and cold. In order to experience the whole range of fun and emotions, you can try some extreme kinds of activities and live every moment to the full. Besides, such activities will open a new part of Antarctica, the one you can’t see from a boat.


For instance, if you try scuba-diving, you will be able to touch and see the invisible part of the iceberg and have a better understanding of the life below the water’s surface. By taking a plunge, you will experience the Antarctic waters and their temperatures. By taking the marathon, you will challenge your skills and stamina, getting pleasure from the crisping and creaking sound of snow and ice.

The diversity of activities can satisfy every demand. Just clarify the available options when contacting your tour operator.


Antarctica is home to up to 8 species of whales, with the humpbacks being the most common. They are a pleasure to our eyes wherever you watch them – from the boat or by going kayaking. The best months to see whales are February and March, which is important to consider when planning the trip.


Doe-eyed seals are the heroes of numerous memes, and Antarctica gives you an opportunity to see them in real life. Currently, there are 33 species of seals, with six of them living in Antarctica – Ross, Weddell, crabeater, leopard, fur, and elephant seals. Spotting these cuties in their natural habitat will just make your day and overwhelm you with positive emotions.


The quintessence of everything mentioned above. A trip to such a one-and-only place will fill your days with life and lifelong memories. The photos will help to keep the memories alive, with all the vibrancy of places, colors, and animals.

Antarctica isn’t just a snowy, windy, and icy continent. It’s a place where you can regain your strength and get to know the simple yet unique beauty of nature. A week in Antarctica is worth years of our daily routine. Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime, and embark on the Antarctica cruise ship toward adventures.