What is the average cost of a SunSetter awning? |

The cost of a SunSetter Awning is determined by the size and material used for construction. The average price ranges anywhere from $1,800 to $2,500 depending on the season and what features you want your home or business to have.

What is the average cost of a SunSetter awning? |

The “awning cost calculator” is a tool that will help you find the average cost of a SunSetter awning. The tool can be found at the top of this article.

A simple 16-foot-wide-by-10-foot-deep SunSetter awning with a manual crank costs about $1,330, while a motorized version costs around $1,650. The cost of a retrofit motor kit is about $300.

In light of this, how much does it cost to install a SunSetter awning?

Awning installation costs, on average, $2,549. Most homes will pay between $1,285 and $3,844. The canopy alone will cost between $250 and $3,500. Awnings provide shade and protection for an outdoor space.

Aside from the aforementioned, how long do retractable awnings last? A retractable awning’s structure may endure for over twenty years if properly maintained, but the fabric, which is more susceptible to severe weather, should be changed every 10 years.

People often wonder how much a retractable awning costs.

You’ll get many variations in price shopping around quotes for retractable awning installation. But experts agree that most manual & motorized retractable awning installations typically cost $2,000 to $5,000. Motorized versions with remote controls will normally cost more.

What are the pros and cons of SunSetter awnings?

Sunsetter is a reputable firm, as far as I’m aware. All of the salespeople and installers were excellent. They assemble a competent staff that excels at what they do. The awning is beige, and the installation went off without a hitch.

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Is SunSetter awnings available at Costco?

With the stroke of a button, you can provide shade, protection, and comfort whenever you choose. The SunSetter motorized retractable awning cools your deck or patio by up to 20 degrees while protecting you and your visitors from dangerous UV radiation. Please contact SunSetter Awnings at 1-800-257-6614 for assistance.

What are the most effective awnings?

Then, to assist you pick the finest retractable awning for your requirements, we present a handy buyer’s guide.

  • The Advaning Classic Series is the best patio awning on the market.
  • Awnings for Windy Areas – Diensweek Patio Awning
  • The Best Motorized Awning is the Sunjoy Marquise Retractable Awning.
  • The Best Retractable Awning for Deck is Outsunny.

Awnings may be utilized in the rain.

As a result, retractable awnings are sturdy enough to withstand severe winds as well as some weight from leaves, snow, rain, or ice. A suitable pitch or slope on a quality awning enables moisture to flow off and does not add continual weight to the awning fabric and structure.

Who manufactures the most effective retractable awnings?

In 2020, these are the top ten best retractable awnings.

  • Retractable Patio Awning with Awning Assist Brace
  • Sun Shade Royal Shade Beige Rectangle
  • The CO-Z Retractable Deck Awning is a retractable deck awning.
  • Goplus Patio Retractable Deck Awning is a manual retractable deck awning.
  • Retractable Deck Awning by Goplus.
  • Retractable Sun Shade Awning from XtremepowerUS.
  • Retractable Sun Shade by E.share
  • Sun Shade Tentproinc Awning

Is SunSetter a company that installs awnings?

The addition of an awning may make all the difference. SunSetter provides a solution for every area with motorized, manual, and freestanding awnings in a variety of gorgeous hues.

How much does it cost to cover a patio with a roof?

The average price. As of 2011, the typical cost of a patio roof expansion made of low-maintenance wood-patterned aluminum was from $6,000 to $10,000 for a 20 by 20-foot space. For an extra $3,000 to $4,000, a screen may be installed. A wood lattice roof may cost anything from $500 to $10,000.

What should the price of an awning be?

The average price of an awning installation is $2,459. After the awning is installed, most homeowners pay between $1,261 and $3,691. The canopy will cost between $250 to $3,500 on its own.

What is the weight of a Sunsetter awning?

Each awning weights between 9 and 18 pounds per foot. A typical 18′ wide awning weights between 160 and 320 pounds.

What is the ideal size for an awning?

Measure the length of your house’s external wall to determine the optimal awning width. The height measurement is a bit more difficult. You’ll need to measure the length of the wall where you want the awning to go – at least 7 feet and 6 inches.

When it comes to cloth awnings, how long do they last?

5 to 15 years

What is the best way to cover a patio?


  1. Purchase a patio umbrella for a low-cost, easy-to-assemble solution.
  2. Make an inexpensive outdoor canopy with simple poles and a tarp or canvas.
  3. Purchase a sail cover and use the accompanying attachments to tie it above your patio.
  4. For a more adaptable shelter, have a retractable awning professionally installed.

Do retractable awnings provide rain protection?

The Awning that Retracts:

During hot weather, they can keep us cool on our deck or patio. However, retractable awnings, such as SunSetters, may be damaged by strong winds or heavy rain.

Is it necessary to get planning approval for an awning?

Awnings do not usually need planning clearance for residential structures. Commercial buildings, such as stores, often need complete planning clearance since they may expand into public spaces or pose a health and safety risk.

What factors should I consider while purchasing a retractable awning?

Choose whether the awning should be angled or vertical by adjusting the extension or drop criteria. Check out the model(s) that are suggested for your deck or patio. Use the Live Help Chat Tool to talk to a retractable awning specialist about your results.

Awnings are they waterproof?

Awning fabrics that are waterproof are those that are intended to prevent water from penetrating the cloth. Waterproof awning materials, such as acrylic fabric, are also available as woven textiles.

What is the maximum length of an awning?

“Each awning is custom manufactured to the precise size the client requires,” Mr. Keough said, noting that although retractable awnings may vary in width from 5 to 40 feet, the maximum distance they can project out from a wall is often 14 feet.

How much space does a retractable awning require?

Depending on the elevation and how far your awnings would project or stretch, your retractable awning must be at least 8 feet off the ground. If you’re going to install a retractable awning over a swinging door, you’ll need to add another 10-12 inches for clearance.