What does ARE Truck Caps stand for? |

Truck caps are a form of protective headgear used on an open truck or semi-trailer. They typically use the same materials as tennis hats, but they’re sometimes made of more durable material like plastic and rubber. The term “ARE” comes from American Road Express, a company that became famous for its work in making these kinds of caps to safeguard drivers who transport heavy loads across high-risk areas during long hauls.

“Are Truck Caps parts” is a term used to describe the type of truck caps. The “are truck caps parts” are made out of metal and plastic. They are also referred to as safety or security truck caps.

What does ARE Truck Caps stand for? |

Toppers (also known as topper shells, camper shells, box shells, truck tops, or truck canopies) are popular among truck owners for a variety of reasons, but the most common one is to provide a big, weatherproof truck storage area.

As a result, what are the serial numbers for Truck Caps?

Your serial number will begin with a letter and end with a sequence of numbers and will be found on the inside roof of the product. Your local A.R.E. dealer is your best option for everything from truck tops to tonneau coverings to parts and repairs.

Are they also versus Leer vs Snugtop? The Snugtop fiberglass is substantially strengthened where the hinge joins to the shell. The fiberglass is nearly three times thicker all around and beneath the hinge mount than the rest of the fiberglass (Leer and ARE do not have this). The hinges are much larger and more powerful than the Leer and ARE hinges.

Are you looking for a new glass for your Truck Caps?

Replacement windows for truck tops are quite popular. A damaged window on a truck cap can only be repaired by replacing the complete window. Even a glass firm will be unable to assist you due to the usage of tempered glass and the thickness of the glass.

Are there any pickup caps?

Fiberglass Truck Caps by A.R.E. Your authentic A.R.E. fiberglass truck caps are high-quality truck caps with OEM-level fit and polish or a fully personalized appearance. A.R.E provides something for everyone, with a superb fit on Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Nissan, and Toyota trucks.

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Are there any leaks in the truck caps?

A properly placed replacement cap should not leak for a long period. Until the seals fail, which should take many years, the windows on the cap should remain watertight. It should not leak there either if it was correctly fitted to the bed. That’s fascinating.


For as long as you own your cap and the original vehicle, A.R.E. assures to you, the original retail purchaser of an A.R.E. brand fiberglass truck cap, that the body will be structurally free of faults in material and workmanship. Only the fiberglass shell and mounting rails are included in the body.

Is it possible to cover a truck bed?

Fiberglass Tonneau Truck Covers by A.R.E. If you want a cover that is robust yet light weight, and has a contemporary and sleek style, a Fiberglass Tonneau Cover is the right choice to protect the bed of your vehicle!

Are there any toppers prices?

Depending on features, a range of $1,200 to $1,800 (installed) is a fair estimate. NOTE: All costs are averages depending on vehicle and are for full-size trucks. Because the Ford F-150 is more popular, a topper for a Tundra may cost more than a topper for a Ford F-150.

What is the width of my truck bed?

Between the wheel wells of a typical “full size” truck bed is intended to accommodate a 4 foot wide sheet of material. With the tailgate closed, a full-length bed may accommodate 8 feet of sheet products; a “short box” is usually just 6 feet long. The real measurements are normally 1–2 inches bigger.

Are there any leaks in the camper shells?

Because a camper shell is supposed to keep the elements out of your area, it’s a major issue if yours leaks when it rains. New weatherstripping around the border of the camper shell is required to make it leak-proof.

Are you familiar with CX Revo?

The A.R.E CX Revo is the first truck cap tailgate shaped rear door with frameless side windows in the industry.

What is the price of a leer 100r?

They’re built in the same factories as Leer/Century and utilize the same components. (I presume they’re the same molds since the Leer/Century logo badges are the same form and fit in either topper’s recess.) The Ultra is the Century’s counterpart to the 100R. The windoors are $115 and the price is $1500.

What is the price of a camper shell?

A basic, color-matched fiberglass shell may cost between $1,200 and $1,400 depending on the brand, even when there are exceptional offers.

Are there any MX Series?

A.R.E. Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers: MX Series Truck Caps The mid-height canopy of the MX Series gives extra headroom and storage space, as well as simpler access to your belongings. Users who tow trailers or boats benefit from the special walk-in door option, which gives easy access and superior line-of-sight.

Is the Z Series equipped with a keyless entry system?

The Z-Series. The Z Series truck cap is designed to be as close to perfect as possible in terms of fit and polish. The Z-Series is ideal for any vehicle because of its style, frameless doors and windows, and attention to detail. The keyless entry system, which is available as an option, is a nice finishing touch.

Are there tops for commercial trucks?

Use an A.R.E. commercial aluminum cap to go to work. No of the weather or the work, our sturdy welded frame structure will provide years of reliable service. 063 diamond plate aluminum skin) for your truck’s interior.

What is the typical weight of a truck topper?

Full-size short-bed cab-high truck tops typically weigh between 175 and 190 pounds. Smaller caps are lighter, whereas bigger caps are heavier. Tonneaus come in a variety of sizes and weights. A full-size short-bed tonneau typically weighs about 95 pounds.

How can I calculate the length of my truck bed?

How to Measure the Bed of Your Truck

  1. Place your measuring tape against the truck bed’s bulkhead.
  2. Extend the measuring tape along your bed rail to the inner border of the top of your tailgate. Make a note of the inch measurement.
  3. To get the length of your truck bed in feet, multiply the number of inches by 12.

How much does the Z series cost?

ashjwilliams [OP] Member who is well-known. For an ARE Z series cap with single 12 V internal light, tilt-down glass, and Yakima tracks alone, I was charged $2416.49 OTD (including tax and a current $50 promotional coupon). Paint matching and installation are also included with this pricing.

Is Overland considered a cap?

The Overland truck cap is a sleek camper shell that is painted to match your vehicle and has a matte black protection coating on high-wear areas. For as long as you own your vehicle, the coating will not crack, bubble, or peel. Your truck’s paint will also be guaranteed to match.

Is Revo a hat or a cap?

The CX Revo Truck Cap is what it’s called. This truck cap offers state-of-the-art aesthetics for today’s modern vehicle shapes and designs, with a new bonded side window (attached simply like a windshield) and a rear glass door that bends to fit your tailgate. A wide variety of choices and accessories are available.