Virtual Travel now a Reality


The idea of traveling recently has been walking to the kitchen en route the living room and final destination the bedroom. Your evening activities are filled with dining at the dining table with the special guests, your family, pets, or yourself the solo rider.

Of course, this routine seems fun when we read it as a meme, or sense the reality of this pandemic slowly hitting us. We realize that it been far too long since you traveled, and the plans you had for your summer have all gone done the drain. Fear of flying to countries or different states or even cross your lane has been due to the growing pandemic. Nations have locked their borders, COVID on the loose, and if you do choose to travel who would have to keep days to self-quarantine or be prepared to skip a lot of sightseeing and activities. 

Now, what could the solution be to make your travel a reality at these times? Could you possibly even think of enjoying a traveling experience? Even Post-COVID, there would be a massive surge of fear to step out and go on adventures. 

The main question would arise, should we let this pandemic take the fun out of our lives? The adventure that you so long for, when you stuck at home? 

Virtual Travelling 

Thanks to the invention of the internet, we don’t need to compromise on our escapades. 

Traveling sites have uploaded 360degree videos’ where you can explore every region, with the exceptional quality, you would genuinely think you were there and witnessing and taking a tour of the place. 

You could explore museums such as the Van Gogh Art Museum, having to explore every section of the museum as if you were present in reality and moving through the hallways of the museums. 

Apart from 360 rotating videos, there are 3D models as well as VR(Virtual Reality) as a medium to explore places you want to visit. 

Dollar, Dollar Bills 

These methods are relatively cheaper than traditional traveling mediums. We need to give these methods a try, as they add to new experience and exposure. We wouldn’t know how they make us feel. There exist many sites and videos that make you explore another side of the world created by humans. 

Traveling to various world Heritage sites has become more accessible. Instead of going to different countries, you get to experience them all in one place with just a click of a link. Makes it easier on your pocket, as well. 

Final thoughts 

This new technology, and using these mediums to keep yourself entertained and sain during painful times, makes it easier to cope and take off things. The time, the place, the price, all in your favor. You can travel within your house, maintain social distancing, and still explore and create memories for yourself. You can go crazy with traveling. No one is stopping and no price to pay. Even with limited access to real traveling, you could still fulfill your summer dreams through virtual traveling, which has become a reality.