Virgin Vacations Launches Multi-City and Multi-Country Holidays

Virgin Vacations has expanded their holiday portfolio to accommodate their customers’ latest wants. After researching the preferences of US travelers interested in affordable vacations, the international tour company launched additional independent and escorted multi-city and multi-country vacations.

As their target market is keen on experiencing different cities or countries in one run, rather than spending an entire holiday in the same location, Virgin Vacations included new packages to Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, South America, Central America and Asia. Each of these multi-stop holiday offerings includes flights, accommodation in centrally located hotels, breakfast included, and the services of an English-speaking tour manager

The decision by Virgin Vacations was not only fueled by their own findings. Other travel data, such as information from a recent VisitBritain forecast, predicts that 2011 will be an extremely busy one for baby boomers who will travel a lot more. For the next 19 years, more than 11,000 US boomers will celebrate a 65th birthday everyday:

“We’ve observed that sophisticated baby boomer travelers are looking for escorted or independent travel to exotic destinations — and this group values the expertise of Virgin’s destination experts who can help them craft the exceptional experiences they desire,” said Nigel Osborne, president of Virgin Vacations. “What’s more, these customers research and comparison shop until they find a trip that best suits their interests and budget, and the Virgin expanded worldwide portfolio delivers a more in-depth and enlightening travel experience no matter the destination chosen.”