Most Americans Plan to Use Tax Refunds to Pay for Travel

Next week is the deadline for filling individual tax returns for US residents, and one of the perks of tax season is planning what to do with the subsequent tax returns. More than half of those getting ready to submit the papers plan to use the refunds to pay for future travel plans, according to a recent survey.

A national US poll of 1,000 people found that 57% of them want to spend their refunds to pay for a trip. Travel is a main spending focus for US citizens, despite the still slow economy, with a vast majority planning to spend on trips and vacations at least the same amount as in 2010.

According to the Travel Leader’s survey, the main travel destinations for American tourists are Australia, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand and the Mediterranean, the perfect spot for cruise lovers. In what domestic destinations for vacations are concerned, the most popular states are Florida, California and New York.

“It is clear that when Americans dream about travel, they dream big. Australia continues to be the ultimate dream international destination,” Roger E. Block, the president of Travel Leaders Franchise Group told Reuters.

How much money will the refunds provide Americans with to fuel their travels? The average tax return in 2010 was of 3,070 US dollars according to data released by the US tax collection agency, the Internal Revenue Service.

About 90% of the Americans questioned in this poll have taken or will be taking at least one leisure trip in 2011. Of this vast majority, about 75% plan to travel locally, while another 41% would prefer traveling abroad, to destinations including Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

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