Traveling Essentials for Monsoon


Packing for your travels is anyway a hectic task for many, add in the fact that you will be traveling in rains, it becomes a little more stressful. Here are some helpful essentials to carry to make the trip more comfortable for you.

 1. A Rain Jacket/Poncho/Wind Cheater

This one is obvious, so it should be the first thing on your packing list. People tend to forget to carry the apparent things, thinking that they will remember, but in the craziness of packing it is easy to leave the most basic things behind.

Because we are talking about traveling, packing light is one of the main concerns. So, choose a thin rain jacket of breathable material – they tend to fold down really small and make for a compact piece to travel with.

2. Be Careful With The Footwear

I can’t stress this point enough. While your favorite shoes might go with a lot of your outfits, they might not be rain appropriate. Unless your favorite pair is waterproof, leave them at home. Traveling means, you will be on your feet often, so choosing the right footwear is essential. It becomes even more important if you have to be weather specific.

Choose a pair that gives you traction, so that you are not slipping and sliding everywhere. Make sure it is waterproof and not something that you are emotionally attached to because they will get ruined. Try to opt for sturdy sandals, so that your foot gets to breathe, instead of being crammed up in socks and shoes.

3. Carry Waterproofing for Your Things

It is important to have waterproofing for our valuable stuff. Get rain covers for your suitcases and backpacks, put your wallets and phones in ziplock bags, and get a waterproof casing for your laptop and cameras. Make sure to cover your electronics with waterproof materials to protect them in transit.

4. Carry Quick Drying Clothing

If you are anything like me, you back a bunch of t-shirts and jeans and call it a day. But, when you are traveling to a place that is rainy, your basic cotton t-shirt and denim jeans are not an ideal pair. Shocking for lazy packers, I know, right! They soak up water and take forever to dry.

Polyester and other synthetic fabrics are best for monsoon packing. They dry quickly and don’t soak water much. They are also light in weight and fold up really small, so yay to light packing as well.

Use your fitness gear, most of them are made to be breathable even when drenched in sweat, so they do great in monsoon. Pack some yoga pants and sports bras, and call it a day! Might want to carry t-shirts too.

4. Get a Travel Towel

A travel towel is different from your regular towels. They are usually lightweight, compact, and as a result, quick-drying. So, it is perfect for including in your travel kit even when it isn’t raining. Frequent travelers know how handy a towel like that can be. It is also easy to clean yourself, so you won’t be paying high charges for towels if you are staying at a hostel.

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