Top Spring Break Destinations Identified by Orbitz

With Mexico a no-no spring break destination, students across the States need new idea for their holiday planning. Travel site Orbitz has used their Insider Travel Index to come up with the best spring break destinations of 2011. The top 10 such hot spots have been determined by the volume of bookings for the March 1 — April 24, 2011 period. Let’s see if the actual bookings stayed on the safe side or revealed a deep love for danger among students.

The top ten spring break destinations are Orlando, Las Vegas, Cancun (up from the 15 position last year), Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Meyers, Tampa, New York, Los Angeles and Denver.

It seems like drug lords are not scary enough for US college goers and the adrenaline rush is more important than safety. The prices of Mexico holidays which, rumor has it, are cheaper, might have also played their part in the decision making. Either way, amusement parks, gambling sites and drug war territory seem to be the top choices for this year’s spring break travelers.

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Orbitz coupled their top destinations announcement with the release of data for their most recent survey that focuses on spring break travel trends. The results reveal a budget concerned majority of spring breakers, with most of them planning to spend under 2000 dollars for this getaway.

The Orbitz survey also revealed that beach holidays, cruises and city trips are the top scorers among college students this year. The overwhelming majority of those traveling during spring break (about 90%) will try to avoid traditional spring break destinations, opting for a more family friendly environment. Either college students are done with partying in high-school, or they are a minority among spring vacationers!

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