The Increase in Creative Travel Journaling

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I always tell people to maintain a travel journal because it is a great way to record your journeys so that you can capture your memories and also have a proper record of your journeys. This helps you relive the adventures later and also helps you remember the lessons learned that can be used in future travels.

I always make a note about the things I learned, any tips and tricks that could make my traveling life easier. While I am a fan of the old pen and paper method, because of digitalization there are a lot of creative ways people have started recording their travels.

Why I Still Prefer ‘the good old pen and paper’?

To me, writing on a paper will always be the first choice. It makes me feel more connected to the story I am writing. Spending hours choosing the pictures to be included in the narration. Working on the page layout, decorating the pictures with washi tapes and stickers, adding anecdotes, highlighting main events – all of these things make me feel appreciative of the opportunities I get in my life.

It makes me appreciate the fact that I get to do these things, that I live these adventures. It also makes me more in tune with my journal because I do everything by hand, and every line and every decoration is carefully chosen.

The negative of this is that I can’t use a template to save time, I have to do every page so this is time-consuming. It can also get expensive with stickers and colored pens and printed pictures and whatnots.

The Benefits of Social Media

After this, blogging is my second favorite way to log in my thoughts and make a permanent record of my experiences. This also gives me an opportunity to share it with people. Recently, I have been delving into different ways people log their travels and I have come to the conclusion that social media is the greatest tool out there allowing people to be as creative as they like.

Especially Instagram – Instagram is heaven for travelers. I spent hours going through travel accounts, liking pictures, noting down recommendations, and making my bucket list for places to visit impossibly lengthy.

The “follow me to” trend that started with holding hands in front of places is one such example. You can click pictures of all the places you visit, you can click pictures of the food from all the places you visit. You can have a theme with your palm in every picture in different places. You can have pictures of scenic beauty with you in the frame with your back to the camera. You can record tiny snippets and post videos. You can get as creative as you like.

Final Thoughts

These are my latest musings stemming from hours spent on Instagram. Travel journaling can be customized to what speaks to you and social media is the biggest proof of that. Next week, I will share some of these creative ways with you guys so that we can explore them together. The real fun is in the sharing – one of my main takeaways.