Sleep and travel. The ideal proportion is important!

While flying to another destination for business meetings or when on a vacation with your family, you need to be sure that you get enough sleep to stay productive and make the most of the opportunity. If you are flying for a business meeting, you have a hectic schedule and surrounded by stress. So, you need to have a good sleep session, whenever possible.

A Moment's Respite

Is sleep important to maintain health?

Yes, but there is another advantage attached to it. If you have had a good sleep, you will notice that your performance improves, and you feel a lot better. It increases your daytime alertness. Daytime sleepiness can impair one’s memory and at the same time, one’s ability to think.

Sleep deprivation can even lead to attention deficits, mood alterations and slower reaction times. Apart from this, it even increases the risk for accidents. So, have a good night sleep.

How important is a good sleep cycle while traveling?

While traveling, there are a number of things that can affect your sleep. So, the possibility of losing sleep is high while traveling. One of the biggest reasons of the same is that you have to switch over to another time zone. There are solutions for this issue. However, your business travels that last for a couple of days can force you to switch quickly over to more than one-time zone.

Business travelers have to deal with it because it is a part of their business, and they cannot prioritize themselves in this case. This can happen during family vacations too if you are planning to travel to a number of locations with your family.

So, it is important to plan your schedule according to your destination’s time zone. If possible, stay updated with the time difference and set your laptop’s clock or your watch according to your destination’s time zone, once you have boarded your flight. While on the plane, get in the rhythm of matching your sleep cycle according to your destination’s time zone. This will even help you get rid of the jet lag issues that can spoil an hour or even a day, once the plane has landed.

Bonus tip: Make sure that you sleep early so that you can enjoy your day.

What should one do before getting on the plane?

Firstly, you should plan everything in advance, may it be your luggage or family affairs or giving final touches to your presentation or making a reservation in a hotel. Plan the same in advance and get ready for your journey. Make sure that you reach the airport on time. Also, don’t forget to print your boarding pass.

Note: you should not leave anything for the last moment. Believe me, you will have an additional task for the last minute and you don’t want to increase stress and panic. To avoid the same, you should plan in advance and be ready for your flight.

Apart from this, a number of other factors should be looked into.

  1. Get ready to sleep. If you can, get a sleep kit and get ready to sleep. You can keep your kit in your toiletry bag and save space. This kit should include eye covers, earplugs, lavender oil bottle, etc. Anything that can help you have a good sleep session should be in this little kit.

Some people prefer carrying their little pillows too. If you are one of them, make sure you make arrangements for carrying the same in your carryon bag. However, choose one that is not too bulky for your back.

  1. Eat right. Well, if you do not eat well, you will not enjoy sound sleep in the plane. So, make sure that you eat well.
  2. Exercise. Well, this is not the most important thing for you, but you can expect an edge for sound sleep if you exercise before leaving for the airport.
  3. Comfortable dress. You are not moving in to impress, but you will be sleeping throughout your flight or most of the time you will be sleeping. In that case, you should look for a dress that is comfortable, layered and loose-fitting.
  1. Look for relaxation. Yes, you need to LOOK for it! Grab your favorite novel or your earphones and stay calm and relaxed throughout the flight. If you have a business meeting scheduled, you should not think about it on the flight. You have done your bit, and you should be ready for it.
  2. Expect travel delays. While flying, you know that there is a possibility of flight delays or check-in and check-out delays. This is a systematic risk and cannot be avoided. So, don’t run behind such issues to solve them. Keep calm and wait for a resolution.
  3. Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided. Instead of it, drink water and stay hydrated.

While seated in the plane, you should settle yourself at the earliest. For naps, if you are on a short flight, consider a short nap. On similar lines, if you are on a longer flight, consider a longer nap.

Also, relieve ear pressure. If you have serious ear congestion or sinus, avoid flying. This is important because you may damage your eardrums or experience severe pain while flying.

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