A Little Bit More Than Sightseeing (Infographic)

Somewhere in the world, at this moment, a person begins to lose their sight. In developing countries around the globe hunger, war, lack of proper medical attention, even natural catastrophe take a far greater toll in human suffering than in developed countries. But a more obscure malady plagues much of the 3rd world, the lack of proper vision care.

With all the need areas suggested above, the fact that tens of millions do not get proper eye care is — basically a matter of prioritization. Not so many consider what it takes to help people maintain the gift of clear sight. The infographic shows clearly how eyeglasses and even the most basic vision offerings simply do not make it to many.

Infographic courtesy of MezzmerEyeglasses

The statistics above are really quite shocking. The most basic eye care services we take for granted are sometimes the very last thing on the agenda for all but a few organizations that offer help. The next time you look at a beautiful picture of some remote destination, just imagine someone living there who never gets to see their own wonderland called home.

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