Enjoy the Quality and Thrill of a Botswana Safari

Safari Holidays are big business now, with tourists from all over the world heading out to the game reserves in Africa to experience the wildlife first-hand. There a number of popular Safari destinations across Africa including Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia, but for me it is always about Botswana.

A Botswana Safari offers everything you could hope from a safari trip, amongst a unique landscape. The country itself is also unique in terms of its history and culture. You can get around the country to the various main offerings including the Chobe River and National Park, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Okavango Delta. All these areas have an array of wildlife on display, so Botswana makes an ideal place to visit whether you are on a budget or looking for a luxury trip.

Here are some general pointers on what to expect in Botswana:

When should you visit? You can visit all year round, there is always a lot to see around the country.

What animals can you see? The Big 5 animals that you would want to see on Safari can be found throughout the reserves in Botswana, these include Buffalo, Hippos, Lions, Elephants and Leopards. There are of course a number of other birds and animals to see.

What is the quality of the parks and experience? There parks are all well maintained so the ecosystem can thrive. Botswana takes great pride in terms of the experiences that are offered whilst making sure the parks stay undamaged. The tour guides are also experienced and knowledgeable.

Are there any health or safety concerns? The country is relatively safe and you are not in danger in the actual parks. There is however some inner city crime as you would expect from anywhere but on a holiday you will be fine.

Infrastructure — The roads and communications across the country are not as strong as most places in the western world, but this adds to the authentic experience you can have whilst out there. The medical infrastructure is solid though, if that is what you worry about.


Politics — Botswana is famous for a strong political system that is ranked one of the most incorruptible in Africa. You will enjoy the climate and the visions that the country.

In summary, here are a few reasons why Botswana is the perfect location for your Safari Holidays:

  • A beautiful country, set between desert and water
  • Plenty of wildlife to see
  • A unique culture and political system
  • Well-designed tours and guides of the country

About the author
Steve is a travel writer for Africa Sky, and thinks Botswana is the best country to visit for your first safari.

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