Theme Park Moves Ride Because of Creepy Ghost

Ghosts, poltergeists and other paranormal activities are usually a blessing for any touristic venue. They attract thousands and thousands of visitors that chase encounters with other dimensions and usually translate into lots of revenue. But a British theme park learned a very hard to swallow lesson: sometimes ghosts are too creepy and cost you money, as you need to move out of their way!

Surrey-based Thorpe Park, one of Britain’s largest amusement parks, had to relocate their latest water ride after workers reported seeing what they described as a headless monk, felt sudden cold sensations and had the weird feeling someone was always looking over their shoulders during the construction. I’ve seen enough Supernatural episodes to know it’s better to run than face a headless ghost!

The park management decided to be the bigger ghost, umm person, and relocate the 64-foot-tall Storm Surge water ride to another spot. To make things even weirder, the ride was supposed to be innitially placed in called Monk’s Walk, a footpath that connects an ancient abbey with a church.

As Supernatural and other such shows are not just fiction :D, a paranormal detective agency came to investigate and found out that the ride’s construction might have unsettled an ancient burial ground.

Mike Vallis, divisional director of Thorpe Park, told the Daily Mail, “It became apparent that something strange was going on when teams started clearing Storm Surge’s initial site. Staff reports of eerie goings-on shot up and the only physical change in the park, at that time, was the beginning of ground preparation work for the new ride. As employees were getting freaked out, we decided to call on an expert…”