5 Ways to Take a Bite Out Of the Big Apple

If you’re traveling to the Big Apple for the first time, no doubt there are things you want to do and see. The city can be overwhelming for those not used the crowds of the big city. Unless you are staying for a month or two, there’s a good chance you won’t have time to see all that’s offered in NYC. Creating an itinerary can help you stay on track and ensure you see the things that are the most important to you. Here are five things you should include on your list:

1. Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty no.5(New York 2008)

The Statue of Liberty is an American icon and must be seen at least once in a person’s lifetime. While you can pay to go to Ellis Island, you can also see it just as well from the Staten Island Ferry for free. Before you make up your mind whether you will spend the money to travel to the island, know this: the statue has been closed to the public since 9/11.

While making your itinerary, consider this as well: a trip to Ellis Island can easily take five hours from start to finish while a ride aboard the Staten Island Ferry can easily be completed in an hour or so. If you do decide to go directly to the statue, be sure to make reservations in advance so you can gain entry into the base; without reservations you’ll not be let in.

2. Shopping

NYC offers amazing shopping opportunities and, even if you don’t plan on making any purchases, you must head to Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue. The store is an experience in itself and ogling at the brilliant diamond jewelry and watches is a great way to spend an afternoon. Drop the right hints to your partner and who knows? You may just walk away with something gorgeous!

3. West Village

When you need a break from the city for an afternoon, or even when you don’t, head down to the West Village and walk the cobblestone streets. The village has looked nearly the same since the 19th century and is riddled with history. Mae West was once held at the Jefferson Market Courthouse and lovely shops dot the way along Bleecker and Commerce Streets. When you get hungry for a bite, or if you simply feel like a great pint of ale, walk into the Spotted Pig and pull yourself up a chair.

colorful west village alley

4. Empire State Building

If you’re dying to do something touristy, visit the ESB and head on up to the 86th floor. The observation deck provides views of the city that are breathtaking, especially at night. If you want to pay a bit extra, you can head up to the 105th floor for even better views and fewer crowds.

If you want to see the cityscape without the crowds, Rockefeller Center offers an observation deck with its own range of beautiful city vistas.

5. Grand Central Terminal

Even if you aren’t catching a train, the GCT is a must-see for any first-timer. Full of shops, eateries and bars, you don’t need to be heading anywhere to spend hours at the terminal. One of the least known facts about the building is the amazing Oyster Bar ramp. Stand at one end and have your traveling partner stand at the other; whisper sweet nothings to the wall and your partner will clearly hear what you said from the other side of the ramp.

Grand Central Terminal, NYC

There are, of course, hundreds of other things to see and do in NYC. From Broadway shows to amazing shopping opportunities, the city has something to offer everyone. Plan your itinerary well in advance to be sure you don’t miss anything!

About the author
Author Tanya Peterson resides in NYC and is a content contributor for watchrepairny.com, a Manhattan provider of fine services such as Omega watch repair and engraving since 1978. Tanya’s grandfather was in the antique watch business and it’s been a fascination with her since childhood.