New Tight Security Airport Rules, Well Received by Travelers

airplaneThe intercepting of last week’s parcel bombs bound to the U.S from Yemen triggered some alarms. Thus, stricter safety rules concerning Airline traffic went into effect last Monday. These rules were developed as a response to the 9/11 attacks, but had not yet been implemented due to privacy concerns, as they required airlines to ask for information such as full name, date of birth and gender on all flights inbound to or outbound from the U.S according to Reuters

The new program aims to ensure the safety of innocents by making sure that passengers on the “no fly” lists are kept off the planes. Interviews went well at the JFK airport as airlines have started implementing these new procedures before their official introduction.

“What happened last week shows that terrorists would still like to attack an airplane. It’s scary, so whatever precautions they feel like taking, I’m OK with,” said Lawrence Varner, 75, a retiree from Tennessee.

The bombs from Yemen have been discovered on a United Parcel Service aircraft and in a computer printer cartridge in a parcel at FedEx’s facility in Dubai.

“These things are probably necessary. Terrorists are still trying to attack, and that needs to be made difficult for them,” added 28 years old, unemployed Rosie Duarte.

The new set of rules, called Secure Flight, have been developed as part of recommendations made bye the 9/11 Commission. The fact that they came into effect a few days after last week’s incidents is a pure coincidence.

“I’m not worried about the no-fly list or having to provide information. It’s the ones that they don’t know about, at all, that concern me. None of the 9/11 hijackers were on a no-fly list,” added 30 years old teacher, Bryan Pettit.

Secure Flight rules have been applied by major airlines, so far with no disruptions. However, the “body scanners” which use an advanced imaging technology are far less popular. An alternative for the body scans are the pat-down searches.

29 years old lawyer, James Carol says: “I’m not comfortable with either the pat down or the scan. They’re only giving us two bad options and finding out which we dislike less.”

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