Music – The Best Thing to Accompany Your Travels and Life!


Traveling is fun, yes, but that is the destination part for many. The actual travel that includes going from one place to another is dreaded by even the most seasoned travelers. If you are traveling solo, then long-distance international flights can get pretty boring. You will learn a lot of things when you travel alone, but the journey can sometimes get lonely.

We always look for activities to keep us occupied. Thanks to technology, we now have a lot of options to help keep us company while making the journey to our destination. We carry our phones and laptops with us, and that is all we need to keep us occupied.

You can watch movies or TV shows on the plane, you can blog or journal about your journey, or you can listen to music. There is an abundance of music streaming services in this day and age. 

Music is one of those things that keep us company at any time and day of our lives. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, what we are feeling, or at what point we are in our lives; music is something that is a very efficient companion.

I have always loved traveling alone, granted I have a window seat and my earphones. Plugin the music and tune out the noise of the everyday world – this is one of the things in life that gives me immense pleasure.

I love people who introduce me to new artists I can obsess over. My recent one was Illenium. One of my friends went to a music festival in another city to hear his favorite artist play, and that artist was Illenium. Later over some wine and music, he made me listen to one of his songs. I sang along the first time listening, and it became one of my favorites real quick. 

It was Good things fall apart, and I even fell in love with John Bellion’s voice

We continued listening to his other songs. Then came, Take you down, all I can say is that I cried when I heard – 

This life is like a razor

When it cuts, I bleed

But it’s in my hand and I’m doing it to me

Music has a way to touch things inside of us, that not even WE realize… exists. May it be traveling, may it be anything else, music will always be a great companion. That is why, whenever I have many options to choose from when deciding on the mode of transportation, and if nothing else is getting affected, then I will always choose the journey that will let me take music along.