Mixing Travel and Storytelling: Find Your Storybook Ad by Expedia and VisitBritain

Travel is always and adventure, an opportunity do discover new places, meet new people, learn, and have fun. Mixing that with the world of fairy tales, stories, and fantasy, Expedia and VisitBritain have come up with a new TV campaign to boost tourism to the UK. “Find Your Storybook” features a mother reading a story to her son, which actually features the many unique attractions of Britain, from castles turned into hotels to the Loch Ness monster.

VisitBritain, the national tourist board for England, Scotland and Wales, and Expedia.com launched this new campaign on February 9. The campaign’s TV add will be supported by digital brand and tactical advertising tied to social media, the total investment surpassing $4.5 million.

The ad was filmed in Scotland, Wales and London and was inspired by the parallel between reality and the fairytales of castles, knights and queens.

“Britain’s historic venues have been the setting for a wealth of captivating stories, from Harry Potter to Downton Abbey, so, when looking for locations that would move others to start their own storybook, Britain was a natural choice,” commented Noah Tratt, Vice President, Expedia Media Solutions.