Make your Best at these Places in Macau!


Macau is one of the popular destinations of tourist due to its gambling industry and is popularly known as Asia’s Vegas. However, if you not much fond of this gambling industry don’t worry the city have more for you. It is actually an incredible place that one must visit during their lifetime particularly people who are very much fond of shopping it is a perfect place for them to hop around. You can find various brands at a affordable prices and stores. Places like Macau strip, senado square, Guia hill are few common tourist attraction of the city. This place has gained popularity due to its delicacies, diverse cultures and scenic beauty. If you are traveling to Macau or even revisiting here are the things you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Visit casinos:

The city is beautifully decorated with lights and mostly these lights are visible in the casinos. There are wide number of casinos and people are attracted in large number. However, if your trip is a budgeted one it is advisable not to go for gambling. Apart from this you can surely explore these casinos for hours.

  1. Drink and Eat:

Macau offers a wide range of good restaurants offering best quality foods and drinks. This place is considered as tame particularly in case of alcohol consumption. In Macau, while playing drinks are not served.

  1. Venetian experience of shopping:

Herein, the shopping malls are constructed inside a hotel which is structured after the Venice city. It has variety of restaurants and other kinds of specialty shops. The environment of this is very soothing but people most of the times get lost easily into these malls.

  1. Ruins of St. Paul:

The perfect time to visit this place is at night people usually visit here in daytime but the best view is after the sunset. So if you really love such seeing sunset this is the perfect time visit. It offers a different charm especially when the lights of the entire city are turned on.

  1. Enjoy exciting shows:

Macau is one of the best destinations for enjoying different types of exciting shows that will completely blow your mind. The city is famous for its entertainment aspect due to which it is commonly known as Vegas. Shows that you can enjoy is dancing and singing performances, opera as well as magic shows which attract most of the visitor’s attention.

All you need to have a passport which you will be passing all the way through immigration from Hong Kong to Macau. The currency of Macau is different so need to have a similar currency if you are willing to go for gambling. Apart from this, you will get to know about its rich culture and tradition which will defiantly awe your mind!

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