How far is Badlapur from Mumbai? |

Badlapur is a village in the Thane district of Maharashtra, India. It is best known for its religious festivals and colorful ambiance during the Navratri festival.

The “Badlapur to Mumbai distance by road” is a question that I am asked often. The answer is that the distance from Badlapur to Mumbai is roughly 857 miles (1339 kilometers).

How far is Badlapur from Mumbai? |

50 km by

Aside from that, how do I go from Andheri to Badlapur?

From Andheri (Station) to Badlapur (Station), there is no direct link. You may, however, take Metro Line 1 to Ghatkopar, walk to Ghatkopar, and then catch the train to Badlapur.

In addition, how many Badlapurs are in India? Badlapur is a cluster of four villages in Maharashtra’s Thane district. Katrap, Kulgaon, Badlapur, and Manjarli are the villages, while the real “Badlapur” hamlet is around 10 kilometers from the city center.

People also wonder how they may go to Badlapur.

Badlapur Information There are no frequent flights to Badlapur from other major cities in the nation. The closest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Regular trains link Badlapur to the rest of the country’s main cities. You may take a bus to Ulhasnagar instead of Badlapur on a regular basis.

What is the distance between Badlapur and Thane?

37 km

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What is the distance between Ghatkopar and Andheri?

7 km

Between Dadar and Ghatkopar, how many stations are there?

274 trains run between Dadar and Ghatkopar, with the shortest distance being 10 kilometers – Railway Enquiry.

How can I go from Andheri to Kurla via train?

There are no direct trains between Andheri (Station) and Kurla (Station). There are, however, services that leave Andheri and arrive in Kurla Jn via Dadar. The travel takes around 26 minutes, including transfers.

What is the best way to go from Ghatkopar to Dadar?

Take a local headed for Churchgate and get off at Dadar. Take the Thane/Dombivli/Kalyan/Titwala/Ambarnath/Badlapur/Karjat/Kasara/Khopoli local to Ghatkopar from the Central line Dadar station. Please use the Metro if this is going to be an everyday commute. It’s a lot more convenient and speedy.

Ghatkopar is preceded by which station?

Ghatkopar railway station is located in the city of Ghatkopar.

Commuters (2014) 465,000
MSR is the station that comes before you. Following Vidyavihar station to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Central Line Main Line Vikhroli to Kalyan

What is the best way to go from Andheri East to Andheri West?

Taxis cost between 110 and 140 rupees and take 3 minutes to go from Andheri East to Andheri West. Is there a bus that runs directly from Andheri East to Andheri West? Yes, there is a direct bus service between Natraj Studio and Vijay Nagar Society. Services run every 10 minutes and are available 24 hours a day.

What is the best way for me to go to Andheri East?

Train: Reach Kurla station and then take a train on Central line going towards Dadar. From Dadar you have to switch to Western line and board the train going towards borivali or Virar for Andheri. Taxi & Cab: You can hire a taxi just outside the railway station which will cost you around Rs. 100.

What is the best way to go to Ghatkopar Metro station?

The Station to stations are the nearest to Ghatkopar Metro Station:

  1. Ghatkopar is 55 meters distant and takes 1 minute to get there.
  2. Ghatkopar Station (W) is just 79 meters away and takes 2 minutes to walk there.
  3. Ghatkopar Stn. (E)-1 is 192 meters away, and it takes 3 minutes to get there.

How can I go to Badlapur’s Barvi Dam?

It is around 80 kilometers from Dadar (Mumbai). By Train: Take any central line train to Karjat/Khopoli/Badlapur and disembark at Badlapur station. To go to Camp Evergreen, Barvi Dam, go to the west side of Badlapur station, where rickshaws are available.

Is Badlapur a good place to invest?

Buyers in Badlapur may choose from a variety of mid-priced residences as well as lower-priced housing alternatives. Badlapur is a fantastic place to invest and is well linked to Mumbai. These are the things that will keep the economy growing in the next years.

Is it preferable to live in Badlapur East or Badlapur West?

Badlapur East has a worse livability rating than Badlapur West (7 versus 7.3). Badlapur East is more costly to live in, with an average price of INR 3739/sqft, than Badlapur West, which has an average price of INR 3583/sqft.

What is Badlapur’s population?


What station follows Badlapur?

Badlapur railway station is located in Badlapur, India.

Station that comes before MSR Station to station
Ambarnath in the direction of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus South-east branch of the Central Line Vangani is heading towards Khopoli.

What is the origin of the name Badlapur?

The origin behind the film’s title, Badlapur, is allegedly rather intriguing. Those who are acquainted with Mumbai are aware that the Central Railway has a station called Badlapur. Badlapur was said to be one of the places where trains would switch tracks.

In Badlapur, how many dams are there?

Badlapur is popular among Mumbai residents as a weekend picnic location due to its two main dams and a few waterfalls that occur during the monsoon season.

What is the Badlapur Taluka?

Polpulation in Badlapur Taluka. Badlapur is a taluka or tehesil in the district of Jaunpur district, Uttar Pradesh state, having a population of 456043 people. In the tehesil or Taluk, there are 67625 dwellings.

Between Badlapur and Thane, how many stations are there?

Between Thane and Badlapur, there are 12 intermediate stations that cover a total distance of 34 km in 0h 53m. Thane-Badlapur Slow Local departs at 16:00 and arrives at Badlapur at 16:53. It normally arrives on Platform Number in Thane and Platform Number in Badlapur.