How do you use TSA lock on Samsonite? |

For your convenience, we use Samsonite’s TSA-approved locking mechanisms to secure all traveler bags. If you will be traveling with a bag that is not crushproof or water resistant and of which you are unsure about how it locks, please contact us for more details on what would be best for your trip.

The “samsonite tsa007 lock instructions” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is that you use the TSA lock on Samsonite luggage and cases.

How do you use TSA lock on Samsonite? |


  1. CODE SHOULD BE 000.
  2. TURN 90°
  5. PULL UP.

So, how can you get a Samsonite TSA baggage lock unlocked?

Simply re-enter the code:

  1. The dial should be set to 000.
  2. From the lock position, turn the shackle at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Lower the shackle (outside of the lock).
  4. Set the code you want to use.
  5. Raise the shackle.
  6. Return to the locked position.

Second, what if you forget the combination to your baggage lock?

  1. Open the baggage by rotating the three wheels on the lock to the current combination.
  2. Set the three wheels to 0-0-0, which is the American Tourister and Samsoniteluggage’s default combination.
  3. Inside your baggage, press and hold the reset button on the side of the lock.

Also, what is the procedure for resetting a Samsonite TSA lock?

When you buy the locks, they come pre-programmed with a factory default combination that you may alter as frequently as you like.

  1. Configured the number dials to the previously set combination, or to “0-0-0,” Samsoniteluggage’s factory default combination.
  2. Find the reset button, which is normally to the side of the combination dials.

What is the total number of TSA keys?

Until 2014, these locks used one of seven master keys that only the TSA could use. A reporter for The Washington Post published a photo showing all seven keys on a desk in a story.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the definition of a TSA-approved lock?

Any lock with the Travel Sentry emblem on it is a TSA Approved Lock. Travel Sentry was founded in 2003 to monitor the development and licensing of baggage locks that can be accessed by aviation security authorities such as the TSA.

What is the model number of a Samsonite suitcase?

The product ID for your bag is a combination of numbers and letters that may be found on the warranty card or QR-code label included with your Samsonite. Look at the images to see where the code is.

How do you replace the lock on a suitcase?

  1. Put your baggage lock’s combination in here.
  2. Pull off the baggage lock’s lever or “lock” section.
  3. Make a 90-degree angle with the lever, then push and keep it in place.
  4. Fill in the blanks with your new preferred combination.
  5. Place the lever in the “closed” position by letting go of it.

What is the procedure for installing an American Tourister lock?

  1. Open the baggage by rotating the three wheels on the lock to the current combination.
  2. Set the three wheels to 0-0-0, which is the American Tourister and Samsoniteluggage’s default combination.
  3. Inside your baggage, press and hold the reset button on the side of the lock.

What is a lock’s shackle?

A padlock is a portable lock with a U-shaped shackle that will not separate from the lock’s body until the proper key is inserted or the correct combination is dialed. Because the shackle is readily cut with a bolt cutter or sawing, padlocks are not suggested for high-security applications.

With a bobby pin, how do you crack a TSA lock?


  1. Separate the first bobby pin into a long, flat metal piece.
  2. Bend the point of the pin into a pick using the lock.
  3. Make a handle out of one end of the pick.
  4. Bend a full bobby pin into a rightangle to make your lever.
  5. To understand how picking works, visualize the interior of the lock.

If I forget the combination to my TSA lock 002, how can I reset it?

How to Unlock/Unlock a TSA Lock

  1. If this is your first time configuring it, set all of the numbers to 0, which is the factory default.
  2. Open the shackle and spin it to a 90-degree angle after the combination clicks.
  3. Set the newcombination by matching the new numbers with the red line while keeping the shackle securely in place.

Is the key to all TSA locks the same?

Passengers who choose not to utilize TSA-approved locks have discovered a baggage check notification within their otherwise securely sealed bags. They don’t have master keys for all types of locks (nordo master keys exist for every brand oflock). The explanation is that they don’t bother to pick the locks.

Is it necessary to secure your bags before flying?

If you want to secure your checked luggage and TSA is unable to access it using other methods, the locks may have to be cut…. TSA takes effort not to harm personal items, but we are not responsible for damage to closed luggage that must be opened for security reasons.”

Is there a key included with Samsonite suitcases?

The TSA (Transport Security Administration) combination lock is standard on most Samsonite luggage. To secure the luggage, you must put the combination on the lock; there is no key. A keyhole is there, however it is solely used by TSA personnel to open and shut the lock during baggage inspection.

How do you unlock a three-digit combination lock?

Method 2: Breaking the Code of the Combination Lock

  1. Turn the lock’s dial three times clockwise. To the right, turn the dial.
  2. When the marker reaches the first number in the combination, stop turning.
  3. Return the dial one full round to the left.
  4. Make a right turn on the dial.
  5. Remove the key from the lock.

What is the procedure for resetting a three-digit Master Lock?

Resetting a Luggage Lock (Method 3)

  1. To unlock it, enter the old combination.
  2. Pull the dial up and counterclockwise spin it 90 degrees.
  3. Turn the shackle another 90 degrees and push it down.
  4. Replace the existing combination with a new one.
  5. Reverse the shackle 180 degrees.
  6. Keep the password in a secure location.